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Museum of European Art

presents ART METROPOLIS 2009:


September 5 to November 20, 2009


Salvador Dalí, the great surrealist painter and sculptor.


An extraordinary retrospective collection of rare masterpieces

50 lithographs, color woodcuts, sculptures & art objects




ALSO, proudly introducing several contemporary artists of regional and international acclaim

 50 original paintings & photographs AND 40 sculptures in bronze and stone


 From the Buffalo area:

Denise Armstrong, William Tresp, Rose Mary Girone, Bradley Widman, Mary McAndrew, Michael Biondo, Susan Ludwig Ferry, Jane Foley Ferraro, Christopher Coppola, Patti Harris;

Robert Crook (California), Anton Glikin (New York City), Shay Culligan (Boston), Vivi Ann Rose (Utah);


From Canada:

James Culligan, Eleanor Pauling, Judy Gray, Noel Martin, Carol Ann Barrett and Edward Tabachnik


10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031 (USA) www.meaus.com 

Admission is by reservations only: Guided tours start at 11 am, 1 & 3 pm, Monday to Friday, and Saturdays, 11 am & 1 pm. FREE ADMISSION.


CONTACT US by E-mail: info@meaus.com , or by phone at 759-6078 for RESERVATIONS.