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Miss World 2006

Tatjana Kucharova from the Czech Republic is the ideal of beauty


By B. John Zavrel




Miss World 2006: The 18-year old Czech beauty Tatjana Kucharova was chosen by a jury of nine judges and 2,000 guests at the gala event in the Palace of Culture in Warsaw, Poland.


Warsaw/New York (meap) The new Miss World 2006 has been selected at an international gala event in the Palace of Culture in Warsaw, the capital of Poland: TATJANA KUCHAROVA from the Czech Republic.

The 18-year old beauty was one of 106 candidates from around the world. There were numerous preliminary competitions, charity events, visits to hospitals, museums, and all kinds of social events. In the end, the young Czech student was chosen to be the most beautiful of them all.

Tatjana is an intelligent and attractive young woman, who dreams about becoming a model and would like to travel around the world. She likes sports--plays tennis and volleyball, rides horses and skates. And of course, she is also an animal lover: has a cat and a turtle.

The 2nd most beautiful contestant was the 17-year old Iona Boitor from Rumania, and 3rd was Sabrina Houssami from Australia.



For the evening dress competition, Tatjana decided on a white, narrow dress. With this choice, the 18-year old brought the audience decisively on her side.



Red, White and Blue: Jubilant victory for Miss World 2006.



The top 6: From left, Sabrina Houssami (Miss Australia), Tatjana Kucharova (Miss Czech Republic), Iona Boitor (Miss Romania), Sara Lawrence (Miss Jamaica), Jane Sousa Borges Oliveira (Miss Brasil), and finally Stiviandra Olivera (Miss Angola).



The winner: The 18-year old Czech student Tatjana Kucharova became Miss World 2006.



The top three beauties: # 2 Iona Boitor from Romania (right) and Sabrina Houssami from Australia (left) with Miss World 2006, Tatjana Kucharova (center).



The Coronation: Unnur Birna, Miss World 2005, places the crown on the new Miss World 2006: Tatjana Kucharova.




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