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Prince Charles and Al Gore join efforts for Ecology and Environment



HRH the Prince of Wales starts a new initiative to protect environment.


London/New York (mea)  "We are consuming the resources of our planet at such a rate that we are, in effect, living off credit and living on borrowed time", said Prince Charles at a recent forum at the St. James' Palace.

"It is our children and grandchildren who will have to pay off this debt and we owe it to them and ouselves to do something about it before it is too late."

His new project is "Costing the Earth--The Accounting for Sustainability", and its opening was attened by a number of personalities from politics, religion and business. Among them was the former Vice President Al Gore, today the leading environmentalist in the United States. Al Gore's recent film "An Inconvenient Truth" tries to put across the message that the world must act now to save itself from the approaching far-reaching climate changes.

By the way of a personal example, Prince Charles shows what even just an individual can do to make a personal contribution to support ecology and environment. He has decided to 'reduce his own carbon footprint' and encourages his friends and staff to do the same. Even the Queen approved a plan to use hydroelectric power at the Windsor Palace.

The long-time agagement of Prince Charles for the preservation of the Amazon rain forests is well-known to the public. In 1993, the Prince received the 'Ecological Eagle Award' at a ceremony in Berlin, attended among others by the former German Foreign Ministers Kinkel and Genscher, the writer and actor Sir Peter Ustinov, the founder of the Museum of European Art, Consul B. John Zavrel, and the sculptor Kurt Arentz. He created the bronze figure of the "Ecological Eagle'. Among the former recipients of this award were President Ronald Reagan, NATO Secretary General Manfred Woerner, German Minister of Agriculture Ignaz Kiechle, President George Bush and others.



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