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Precious Persian Tile Unveiled in Munich

Exhibition can be seen at the Haus der Kunst museum



"Sobhan-Allah", by Mahmood Maherolnaqsh.



The largest Persian seven-colored tile, designed by Mahmoud Maherolnaqsh, was unveiled in Germany during the 100th Islamic Art Expo underway in Munich. The beautiful tile features the name of Hazrat Ali (AS)--the first Shiite Imam.

Iran is taking part in the major gala with a number of well-known Persian artists in attendance. They include master calligrapher Mohammad Salahshour and Mohsen Mirzaali, the youngest Iranian naqqal, reciter of Shahnameh poems.

Munich's major exhibition of Islamic art and artifacts combines contemporary works by Islamic artists with some of the items from the original collection.

The artists display 'Naqqali', teahouse painting, calligraphy, painting-calligraphy and sculpture, The 'Asma-ul-Husna' (Beautiful Names of Allah) posters at the event. Nassrollah Afjei, Kazem Chalipa, Esfandiar Ahmadieh, Gizla-Varga Sinaei and Mohammad Salahshour are among the artists whose works will are on display at the event.

One hundred years ago, Munich hosted a pioneering show that has influenced the reception of Islamic art in the West ever since. Under the motto 'Meisterwerke Muhammedanischer Kunst' (Masterworks of Muhammadan Art), the exhibition comprised more than 3,600 exhibits on display in 80 showrooms.

This impressive collection aimed at a broad representation of contemporary artists and the three-volume catalogue of the exhibition still serves as a reference book for art historians. It was--and still is--the largest Islamic Art exhibition ever shown.

Now, exactly 100 years later, the exhibition has been revived to showcase the art of today's Muslim artists. It's full title--"The Future of Tradition, The Tradition of Future"--gives a clue about the aims of the exhibition in establishing a line of continuity between the conventional and the innovative.

A total of 30 objects from the original 1910 exhibition can be seen at the Haus der Kunst museum, alongside paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures, fashion designs and jewelry by contemporary artists. The exhibition will run until January 9, 2011.



Mahmood Maherolnaqsh



'Ali, Son of Kabeh', by Mahmood Maherolnaqsh.



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