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The Alexander Garden: Phase I has been completed.

Landscaping and Gazebo finished--progress report with photos


By John Zavrel


The big picture: a view across the future Alexander Garden, just before the 400 tons of landfill and topsoil are spread around the sides and seeded with grass.


Clarence/New York (mea) The construction of the 'Sculpture Garden Alexander the Great' at the Museum of European Art in New York has begun in the spring of 2005. The project, initiated in cooperation with the European Art Foundation and a number of European artists, art collectors and patrons of the art is expected to be developed in four phases and completed in July, 2008.

Phase I has been successfully completed in early August, 2005, with the costs somewhat above the original estimates, due to additional work needed and larger quantities of landfill that were required to properly finish this part of the development.


Major improvements to the existing landscaping were done, which have more than doubled the usable space for the placement of sculptures:

a) 8 large dead trees, a number of smaller trees and bushes have been cut down and removed from the garden at first.

b) then, a 150-foot long retaining wall from boulders and large stones has been erected along the east side of the garden.

c) more than 400 tons of landfill and topsoil (twice of what we had originally estimated) have been brought in and spread around the east and south sides of the garden, and seeded with grass.


An octagonal, cedar gazebo has been installed in the south-west corner of the garden and stained in reddish-brown. It is a place where visitors can already now relax, meditate or just enjoy the view of the Alexander Garden. The first bust to be installed in 2006 in the Alexander Garden will be located next to the gazebo: a bronze, larger than life-size bust of Swami Rama of the Himalayas by the prominent European sculptor Kurt Arentz.

The Alexander Garden project is financed entirely by private initiative by ordinary induviduals, artists and art patrons. No money has been received for this project from the US government Friends of art in USA, Europe and other countries who are interested in supporting this ambitious project, can make tax-deductible donations to the Museum of European Art, 10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031, USA. For more information, contact zavrel@meaus.com


More information about the ALEXANDER GARDEN




The work starts: 3 truckloads of boulders and large stones are brought in.


Next, a 150-foot long retaining wall is build from the boulders along the east side of the garden.


A look across the garden, from the north-east corner toward the Gazebo in the south-west corner.


Now over 400 cubic yards of landfill and topsoil are brought in, to enlarge the usable space for the placement of sculptures.


A view across the garden as the work continues.


A close-up of the retaining wall.



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