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PROMETHEUS is the Internet Magazine for Art, Politics and Science

US publisher B. John Zavrel supports young artists - art as a medium of understanding


By Thomas Blumann (Germany)


New York (bpb) The US publisher B. John Zavrel is publisher of the internet magazine for arts, with the title PROMETHEUS. He belongs to the supporters of contemporary artists of various styles. His e-magazine is free of charge for all readers. We asked the publisher about the background.


Why do you finance this project, without personally profiting from it?

The magazine should impart information about the art of our time, and about the historical connections worldwide, and do so free of charge for all. Yes, it is a not-for-profit project, it requires time and money and does not bring in any cash. But that also guarantees complete independence of the texts!


What themes do you prefer for the magazine?

We prefer information which is not available anywhere elese. Also young, unknown artists or long-dead personalities and artists forgotten by the popular media also have a chance with us.

The internet also offers the possibility to report to a worldwide audience about art events all over the world. For instance, about a Dali exhibition in Japan and China, or about the interesting sculpture exhibition "Taking Positions" of the British art historian Dr. Penelope Curtis from the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds. There were shown works of Arno Breker, Gerhard Marcks, Georg Kolbe and other leading sculptors of the 20th century.


What political ideology is behind your internet magazine?

The fundamental thing in our media work are human rights and understanding among people. Art and culture should serve a better understanding among people of different ancestry and religions. Science and research make available their achievements for the use by all men, no matter in which political system they happen to live, or must live.


As a Czech Consul, you are acquanited with many people, like the US presidents Ronald Reagan, George Bush, the German presidents Johannes Rau, Roman Herzog, Richard von Weizsäcker, the Czech president Vaclav Havel and other politicians and statesmen, writers Roger Peyrefitte, Ernst Jünger, Sir Peter Ustinov and many others. Are all of these prominent personalities interested in art?

I have met these personalities already before my time as an Honorary Consul. But all these people you mentioned, and also many other important men and women that I have met over the last 20 years of my engagement for the arts, were and are people who give a great importance to culture and art. For instance, President Ronald Reagan was once a Hollowood actor. But he had a good instinct for art, and an affection for world culture. Also his wife Nancy.

You can see find this also with astronauts and researchers. The inventor Wilson Greatbatch, who developed the implantable pacemaker, is a great friend of art, as is also his wife Eleanor. They belong to the circle of friends of the US Museum of European Art in Clarence, New York (http://www.MEAus.com)


How can people support your engagement for the arts?

That is quite simple: read the magazine PROMETHEUS (www.MEAus.com/prometheus84.htm). It does not cost you anything and you will find it interesting. Whoever would like to support our work for the benefit of the public in other ways is sincerely welcome. Send your questions to zavrel@meaus.com and we will make a suggestion how you can help.

It is also easy to join the circle of friends of the Museum by e-mail (http://www.MEAus.com)


Consul Zavrel, thank you for the interview.


Copyright 2002 Prometheus, 84/2002



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PROMETHEUS, Internet Bulletin for Art, Politics and Science.

Nr. 84, Autumn 2002