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The first Art-Work in memory of the unbelievable tragedy in New York City


"Work of the Month" at the US-Museum of European Art



Bronze relief "THE CALL IN THE DESERT" by Renate Stendar-Feuerbaum.


New York/Clarence. (bpb) The European Sculptor Renate Stendar-Feuerbaum has created the first Art-Work in memory of the unbelievable tragedy in New York City on September 11, 2001. It is a fine bronze-relief with the title "Der Rufer in der Wüste," what can be be translated as THE CALL IN THE DESERT.

The impressive motive shows a man in the pose of a prophet. His mouth is wide open. He calls out again and again, and hopes to be heard. He is warning us of the various dangers facing our civilization and the mankind. The full interpretation of the artist's message is this: the danger comes from misusing the progress of modern technology, medicine and science by the enemies of mankind and of the free world.

The director of the Museum of European Art (MEAUS), B.John Zavrel, said: "We have declared this unique bronze-relief as the Art-Work of the Year 2001". It is shown in our Internet-Museum, and people from around the world can see it. They can take part of the vision of Renate Stendar-Feuerbaum.

She started her work in early September. In her magic composition she included atomic power, rockets and space flight, the universe, storm and thunder. She included physics, chemistry, and medicine as well. And the man in the desert, who calls out the warnings, is placed in front of a metropolitan city with two corresponding skyscrapers. This are two towers reminding us of the World Trade Centre.

After the terrorist attack in New York the artist did not change the composition. "I left the towers to be a reminder for ever of this unbelievable catastrophe in New York City", she said.

Renate Stendar Feuerbaum wrote in a letter to the Museum of European Art: "…. Again and again it is distressing to experience in real life how suddenly the world has changed. And for me it is a unique feeling, that "THE CALL IN THE DESERT" has become so relevant just at this time.

Today it appears to us remarkable that in this relief, showing a complex of skyscrapers, two towers stand in the front. And besides this one has to ask: will from the laboratory shown here, grow out further dangers then only those, about which I was thinking at the time when I worked on this relief, and that besides helpful things, also damaging things can arise? But the life has to go on, must go on despite all worries of the unknown!



The artist has permitted to offer a limited edition of this fine bronze relief to benefit charitable work.


The relief CALL IN THE DESERT has a size of 55 x 72 cm.

(20 x 27 inches)

It is a masterpiece of timeless symbolism.

The MEAUS-Committee of artists recommends to individuals, private collectors, businesses, officials and art galleries to order this artwork and support at the same time non-profit engagement.


More details on request.

Museum of European Art, Fax (716) 759-7925, phone (716) 759-6078

e-mail: zavrel@meaus.com



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