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Tradition and Surrealism in the work of Marco Bodenstein

By B. John Zavrel


Marco Bodenstein is a European artist who combines the classical tradition in art with the surrealism. Realism and abstraction are two opposites which enhance each other. One can understand the work of Marco better when one knows which artists have inspired him: there is the Spaniard Salvador Dali, the Englishman Henry Moore and the cosmopolitan Leonor Fini -- to mention only a few.

The creator of objects of art and designer Marco was born on January 7, 1957 in Kandy/Ceylon, the City of Kings. Already at an early age he was engaged with the traditional culture of this far east land. The roots of culture which he finds in the ancient temples and in historical landscapes of Asia, have made an imprint on his artistic work. And so in this manner Marco came to photography and later on to creating sculptures.


Study trips:
Greece, United States, Spain, France (visits to Bretagne and Paris), England, Hong-Kong, and the Phillipines.


Germany, France, the United States.


A cycle of objects of art "Hommage a Dali" with the sculptures "Swan Angel", "The Egg-Venus of Milo", "Soft Watch Egg", "Little Memory", "The Tower of the Erotic", the erotic candle-holder "Adam and Eve".


Religious objects:
"The Christ of the Golgotha" with a small piece of rock from Jerusalem, "Christ and the Vine of Life" (Ecce Homo on a symbolic vine), and candleholder "Menorah and the Eye of the Lord".


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