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By Arno Breker


 Monumental Relief APOLLO AND DAPHNE by Arno Breker



What is the greatest miracle of creation?


Man in his most perfect and ideal form.

There is no greater subject which would be more worthwhile to use as a standard.

Man is the crowning achievement of creation! To form man ever anew, to recreate creation, is as old as mankind itself: The unity of spirit and form achieved a new image of mankind in the art of antiquity. The works of the sculptors of that time still today hold us in their spell.

The heights and depths of this century have not been able to divert me from remaining true to the perfect, the ideal. I strive always for the highest form of perfection in sculpture.

The variety of creation among human beings is infinite. Beauty of form, harmony of soul, spirit, and body is found not only in Europe; it exists on all continents.

The images of man which I create are not idealized. They embody ideals and characteristics which are worthy for all men: human dignity, peace, respect, friendship, tolerance, and freedom.

Jean Cocteau--my artist friend since our early days--let himself be guided throughout his full life by the principle:

"I love to love.

I hate hatred."

With all my heart I agree with that, and I have never lost faith in the good. This is a source of strength for my work.

Once Cocteau said to me: "Your work contains the fire of the image of man--like the Phoenix . . . "

I believe in this light. It will not be extinguished.


Portrait bust JEAN COCTEAU, by Arno Breker



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