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By B. John Zavrel

In his work
Professor Oberth has always
let himself be guided by this question:
"What can I contribute to the benefit of mankind?"
After a long life
of achievement and reflection,
Professor Oberth confirms to us once more
in his latest book Primer For Those Who Would Govern
that the problems of mankind
are not to be solved
in a peaceful and sensible manner
by any one country on its own,
but can be brought to a solution, satisfactory for all,
only on a level
which transcends national borders.

These writings
represent a challenge
to each and every one of us.
It is a challenge
to attempt
a new dimension of thinking,
one based on the realization that we,
the people of this earth,
not only have a common origin,
but also
must find a common future.

deep gratitude
for his life-long work
for the benefit of mankind,
we salute Professor Oberth
on the occasion
of his 95th birthday on June 25, 1989
as the greatest genius of the
20th century.



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