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My dearest friends,

There comes a time in the life of a Servant of God and of the People that some reordering in the way one is conducting one's life becomes essential. 

Having been travelling and teaching non-stop for the last 63 years, at the age of 77, I am fully aware that the few remaining years need to be used very constructively to finish my tasks, using every minute with very keen and attentive care.


The tasks remaining are:

1) Some essential writings such as completing my work on the Yoga Sutras which requires a stable, undisturbed amount of time.  There are several other similar ones remaining.

2) Recording the step by step methods of advanced meditations to preserve for future generations.

3) To complete my own enlightenment and the further mastery of the art of dying so that I may leave the decent way the yogis leave. 

4) At the same time try to improve my physical capacity in the number of months and years remaining to work, by paying some attention to my physical body which has been fully neglected for the last 63 years.


At present my days are spent somewhat as follows:

1) Three to four hours a day dictating emails by Skype to my willing volunteer secretary in London because I do not have an English speaking secretary in the ashram.

2) Five to six hours a day with interruptions, looking at people's needs and demands and enquiries about some matters of the ashram and AHYMSIN that still fall in my lap.

3) Because there has not been an unbroken time during the day, sitting up all night to do some writing, and

4) Still needing sufficient amount of rest for a very painful body.


For many years I have been pondering on the ways to save my time and energies.  I am happy to say that:

1) There are enough writings and recordings by Gurudeva Swami Rama and by this self to continue to guide people; almost all questions have been answered in these.  Do you know what recordings and publications are available?

2) The upcoming leadership of AHYMSIN is taking over many tasks.

3) There are enough advanced teachers, also some of them aging and waiting for the third generation of teachers, to serve you; for example about 20 people have now gone through 90 days of rigorous silence who can guide you. 


I have therefore asked that at least three to four hours spent on dictating emails be cut down by having two or three very experienced volunteers, who have worked with me for years and decades, to undertake to answer the emails.  They can also refer serious meditation questions to other Guides who will have access to me for the rare occasions when they cannot answer something.

If you really need to communicate something very private please ask one of my correspondents and at their discretion they will let you have my private email address which I alone will open.  All questions should be not more than two lines.


Let my connection with you remain on these levels:

1) Full Moon Meditations:  Please introduce this idea to many others.

2) Reading and listening to recordings of the past 40 years.

3) Coming for serious practice to the ashram which I still guide directly or indirectly.

4) By sitting in your meditation and accomplishing the few moments to deep stillness in which questions are not answered but they are resolved.


Please remember the yoga teaching; the subtler level is much more powerful than the tangible physical one.

Let us opt for the more powerful communication.

In love and reverence to Gurudeva and all his disciples like yourself.



Swami Veda Bharati



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