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 Dalí Christmas 2009

Art sale of surrealist works by Salvador Dalí



GRETCHEN, a fine graphic work by Salvador Dalí. Available at the Museum of European Art in Clarence, New York.


For the 2009 holiday season, we offer a rich selection of lithographs, color woodcuts, ceramic plates, art catalogs and other art objects by the great Salvador Dalí.

Also works by other European artists of the 20th century: Cocteau, Chagall, Arentz, Stendar, Donst, Tiemann, Hundertwasser, Carzou, Fuchs, and others.


Museum of European Art

10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031

Monday - Friday, 10 am to 5 pm.

Also evenings and Saturdays by appointment, Tel. 716-759-6078, e-mail zavrel@meaus.com



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