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The painter Helga Tiemann has died

Alexander-Orden and European Art Foundation Berlin remember the 'Adenauer's painter'


By B.John Zavrel



'Portrait of Konrad Adenauer', a lithograph by Helga Tiemann. A masterful graphic by a lady painter, for whom the German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer personally stood model. The graphic, on heavy paper in size 55x42 cm is signed and in a limited edition. In Europe, it is available from marco-vg@gmx.de . You can order this fine lithograph „Portrait of Chancellor Adenauer" in USA at zavrel@meaus.com

© Foto Tiemann-Archive/Marco-VG


Köln/Berlin/Nörvenich (bpb) The painter Helga Tiemann has died at the age of 91 years. The Alexander Order Pour le Mérite and the European Art Foundation Berlin remembers a lady artist, who belongs to the most important portraitists of Konrad Adenauer. „As no other woman painter has Helga Tiemann lived through the history of the post-war Germany and has captured it in the artistic area" said Thomas Blumann, the curator of the European Art Foundation. To her works belongs a lithograph of Konrad Adenauer, which was publised by the art foundation in a limited edition.

The memorial service of the late portraitist took place in the chapel of the cemetery in Bielefeld-Kirchdornberg. Among the guests was seen the president of the European Art Foundation, John G. Bodenstein (Berlin/Schloss Nörvenich), as well as the Adenauer expert Paul B. Wink, who as an officer of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation also initiated the Adenauer Monument in Berlin. Helga Tiemann has thus worked also as a sculptor at the end of her artistic creative period. Even on her death bed, the mentally active artist had many plans for the future.

Helga Tiemann belonged to the Artists' Circle of the European Art Foundation. She was a regular guest at the Foundation's events at the Museum of European Art at the Noervenich Castle near Cologne, Germany. To her friends belongs the chairman of the association of Castle Concerts in Noervenich, Klaus Mühlbauer. His wife Ulrike Mühlbauer often accompanied Helga Tiemann to art exhibitions and events honoring the artist.

To the artistic work of Helga Tiemann belongs, in addition to portraits of important politicians, also the flower series 'The Four Seasons', which was published by the Edition Marco Bonn-Paris-New York.

„After a fullpilling life that was devoted to art and people, God has taken back Helga Tiemann into His eternal kingdom", is written on the death announcement. Several months before her death, the lady painter finished her memoires, which have been published by Paul B. Link. The 'Old man from Rhöndorf'--Konrad Adenauer--plays in them an important part. Helga Tiemann continues to be known as the 'painter of the Chancellor Konrad Adenauer'.

In remembrance of Helga Tiemann (11.10.1917 bis 13. 10. 2008), on the day of the funeral were the flags at the Noervenich Castle lowered. The castle is the European seat of the International Alexander Order and of the Museum of European Art.  



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