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Miss World 2008

Russian beauty voted the most beautiful woman in the world



Miss World 2008: Xenia Suchinova from Russia, in the evening dress.


Johannesburg/New York (meaus) At a competition of 109 contestants from as many countries around the world, the 21 year old student from Russia, Xenia Suchinova became the 2008 Miss World. The event, which took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, was watched on televison by close to two billion viewers in 180 countries, according to the organizers.

Originally, the competition was scheduled to take place in Kiev, Ukraine. But due to the recent war in nearby Georgia, from security reasons the event was transferred to Johannesburg. The organizers there had only about three months time to organize the event at the new location. The beauty queens spent a month in South Africa, posing for photographers and doing sightseeing.

Xenia Suchinova, the new Miss World 2008, comes from western Siberia, and she is a university student in Russia.

Number two was captured by Gabriel Walcott (23) from Trinidad and Tobago, while 21-year Parvathay Omanakuttan from India came in third.


Miss World 2008



Second place is won by Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Gabriel Walcott



Third place: Parvathay Omanakuttan, Miss India



A group photo of some of the Miss World 2008 contestants during sightseeing in Johannesburg.



Anne-Kathrin Walter, Miss Germany



Miss World 2008: Xenia Suchinova from Russia




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