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Under construction: DISPLAY WALLS for bronze and marble reliefs at the Alexander Sculpture Garden in Clarence, New York.


Dear friends,

Greetings from our ALEXANDER SCULPTURE GARDEN in the summer of 2007.


We have just completed Phase III:

a) MAIN GATE into the sculpture garden

b) DISPLAY WALLS for bronze and marble reliefs

Much thought and planning went into this work, and we hope that it will show that we are making progress. While the Sculpture Garden is now 60% complete, there remains much work to be done. The completion will still require considerable time, effort and money in the time ahead.

The new date for the Grand Opening is SUMMER 2009--two years from now.

Over the years, we had a number of suggestions from well-meaning friends how to raise donations. One recurring suggestion was to honor our donors with bricks or tiles bearing their names. After much thought, this idea was rejected; it is absurd for a person to be looking all over a parking lot for a brick with his or her name.

But as we were finishing Phase III, we found a better and more dignified way to honor our donors, using the DISPLAY WALLS instead.

When completed, each DISPLAY WALL (8 ft wide and 8 ft high) will display several fine reliefs in bronze, marble or terra-cotta. On the right side we will have a PLAQUE with the donors' names.

We have these sponsorship levels available:

GOLD: $ 1,200

SILVER : $ 600

BRONZE: $ 300

We would like to invite you to support this unique international, cultural project by making a generous, tax-deductible donation. To reserve the space for your name, please send us your donation as soon as possible (or at least 1/3 now, and balance within 12 months).

The checks should be made payable to: Museum of European Art, 10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031 (USA).



B. John Zavrel, Director