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After the Grand Opening of the Sculpture Garden of Alexander



New Members of the Order

nominated before the Dinner at the reception in "Salvatore's Italian Gardens"

on Sunday, September 7, 2008


By J.F. Bodenstein, the German Grandmaster of OAG



Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great event for all of us, to honor three personalities as new members of the Alexander Order Pour le Mérite for Arts and Science.

In the presence of the honorable Grandmaster of the Order, Dr. Wilson Greatbatch, and in the name of the Order, I proclaim two artists as new Knights of the Order.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let us pay a short Salute to the memory of several late Knights of the Order, such as Sir Peter Ustinov, Ronald Reagan, Hermann Oberth, Salvador Dalí, Jean Cocteau, Alexander Calder, Roger Peyrefitte, Ernst Jünger, King Paul of the Hellenes, the Princess of Prussia and Erica Pappritz -- two famous Lady Grandmasters in the 20th century.


Now, coming back to the event of this meeting:

The Grandmaster, the Chancellor and the Secret Council of the Alexander Order have agreed to nominate and welcome into the Order


1. JAMES CULLIGAN, a painter

Born in Ireland, is a US citizen who lives in Canada. Mr. Culligan has worked as an educator and counsellor, interested in art and painting for many years. After retirement, he increased his involvement in art.

He has supported the artistic exchange between the Museum of European Art and artists from the town of Owen Sound, Canada.

His work ranges from landscapes to hunting scenes to portraits.

His portraits include HH the Dalai Lama, which is to be seen in the present Museum exhibition. We admire also portraits of the woman pilot Amelia Earhardt, Mother Theresa and several Irish Nobel prize winners.

Mr. James Culligan, please accept the red-gold-dark-blue ribbon of the Order to be recognised in this society as Knight James.


2. We welcome ELEANOR PAULING, a painter

Born in Canada. For many years she operated a successful hotel in the town Owen Sound SOUND, Canada. In cooperation with James Culligan, they founded and operate the BRIDGES ART GALLERY. The Order appreciates their engagement to show the works of artists from their area, organizing workshops and lectures to make art alive. Her career as a painter of landscapes, mountains, lakes and rivers brought her success in this field. We are proud that one of her recent painting of the world-known Niagara Falls is seen in the present exhibition.

Mrs. Eleanor Pauling, please accept the red-gold-dark-blue ribbon of the Order to be recognised in this society as Knight Eleanor.



Honorable James Culligan,

Honorable Eleanor Pauling!

We welcome you as Knights of the Alexander Order pour le mérite.

Please be aware of this mission: be always engaged for humanity, for understanding among nations, and peace in a democratic society. Thank you.




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