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by Consul B. John Zavrel at the Grand Opening of the Sculpture Garden of Alexander in Clarence on Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 2 p.m.


John Zavrel, the director of the US Museum of European Art, welcomes the artists and guests at the Grand Opening of the exhibition ART METROPOLIS 2008.



Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Friends of Art !

As the founder of this Museum of European Art in Clarence, I welcome you all on this very day. A special welcome to the guests from Europe and from all over America.

The event has two highlights: The opening of the Sculpture Garden of Alexander the Great and the exhibition ART METROPOLIS with 60 selected works by 30 artistes of our time.

The Sculpture Garden is inaugurated on the occasion of the Bicentennial of the Town of Clarence in the year 2008. The Garden is dedicated to Mrs. Eleanor Greatbatch and the inventor Dr. Wilson Greatbatch, citizens of Clarence, New York. I am very pleased to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Greatbatch in person. Dear Mr. Greatbatch: you are not only a man of science, but also a man of good American traditions. And both of you are supporters of Arts and Science. This we appreciate very much.


Dear Friends,

With this applause for Eleanor and Wilson Greatbatch we also say THANK YOU to those, who have already supported the project of a public ALEXANDER GARDEN by their donations. You may know: this project become reality only with private support. To enlarge the Garden in the future, we need more donors. Therefore, you all are cordially invited to engage you in this field.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Now I would like to guide your attention to the art works on display in this exhibition room. The Grand Opening includes the exhibition of paintings by 30 artists from USA, Canada and Europe, most of whom are here with us today.

I would like mention following painters who are participating in this show:

Binyamin Shalumov, Ran Webber, Susan Ludwig Ferry, Meg Gentile, Donna Wojcik, Bradley Widman, Stella Shalumova, Stephen Myers, Jocelyn Willet, Paula Sciuk, Dario Mohr, Linda Bommer, Robert Allen, Rose Mary Girone, Michael Biono, Joanna Dicker-Bachman, William Tresp, Linda Restivo, Tana Christiansen, David Digby and Denise Armstrong. From Canada: James Culligan, Eleanor Pauling, Judy Gray, Kent Wilkens, Noel Martin, and Carol Ann Barrett. And also, Seamus Culligan (Boston) and Montserrat Barenys (Spain).


Dear artists!

The importance of this Museum of European Art in this historical building of Clarence is its internet presentation. Unfortunately there is not enough time at this Grand Opening to go into detailed information about all these 30 artists. But you can be sure: in some time you may find an article on your art and work in our internet bulletin PROMETHEUS, distributed on the world-wide-web.

After the speeches in this hall, in the portrait-busts in the Sculpture Garden will be unveiled.

Before that, I would like to ask Mr. Joe F. Bodenstein from the European Art Foundation Berlin to speak to us. Thank your for your attention.




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