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Gregor Kruk in the Ronald Reagan Collection

Portfolio of three lithographs of the Ukrainian sculptor


By B. John Zavrel


Gregor Kruk: Bathing Woman, original lithograph 1981. Portfolio Hommage a Gregor Kruk.

© Kruk-Archive EKS/Marco-VG


Paris/New York (bpb) The Ronald Reagan Art Collection accepted a donation of graphic works by the sculptor Gregor Kruk. He was born in the Ukraine and lived most of his life in Germany. The portfolio with biographical text by the art historian Dr. Volker Probst (now director of the Ernst Barlach Foundation in Güstrow/Germany) contains three original lithographs: Dreaming Boy, Bathing Woman and Resting Nude.

The publisher Marco/Paris declared: "With the gift we like to express our thanks for the policy of President Ronald Reagan which led to liberty for the communist countries in the Soviet bloc such as the Ukraine, where the artist Gregor Kruk was born."

The limited portfolio "Gregor Kruk" contains 24 Pages text, three numbered and signed lithographs. Size 30 x 21 cm. Printed on Arches paper.

The Marco-Edition donated an additional exemplar of the portfolio for sale on benefit of RRC. Art collectors may contact zavrel@meaus.com for more details.

In his text, Dr. Probst compares Gregor Kruk with great artists and sculptors of the 20th century: Auguste Rodin, Aristide Maillol, Daumier, Goya, Wilhelm Lehmbruck and others. He certifies the European sculptor to be a great artistic personality, whose work is based on the Christian culture of the West.


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