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EKS honors Ronald Reagan

Flags displayed at half-staff in memory to the late US President


US President Ronald Reagan in 1985. Oil painting by Helga Tiemann displayed at the Noervenich Castle in Germany.

© RR-Collection/Marco-VG


Noervenich Castle (bpb) The European Art Foundation (Europäische Kultur Stiftung) had directed that the flags of USA, Germany and the European Union be displayed at half-staff in honor and tribute to the memory of Ronald Reagan. The order was given by EKS President John Gilbert Bodenstein immediately after the official announcement by US President George W. Bush in Washington on June 6, 2004. The three flags at Noervenich Castle, the residence of EKS, remained at half-staff for 14 days.

"On the 5th of June we lost a great friend", J.G.Bodenstein said. "I agree with president George W. Bush that president Reagan has helped to change the world for a future in peace and freedom."

Ronald Reagan was a supporter of the goals of EKS. On his behalf years ago, Consul B. John Zavrel (EKS Director for International Affairs) handed over the dedicated RR biography to Bodenstein. Reagan was also a Knight of the Alexander Order for Art and Science.

In memory of the late US president, the Museum of European Art in Germany shows portraits of Ronald Reagan.


Helga Tiemann in front of her painting "Konrad Adenauer", first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. Shown at the exhibition Ronald Reagan and his Epoch.

© Tiemann-Archive/Marco-VG



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