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Receptions at Art Museum in Clarence 

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings & special occasions in a private setting


'Princess Diana', a sculpture by the Russian-Canadian sculptor Yuri Firsov. The Museum of European Art is known for its collection of interesting sculptures and graphic works by Salvador Dalí, Ernst Fuchs, Kurt Arentz, Renate Stendar, Marc Chagall, Birgit Sewekow and other European artists.


Amherst/Clarence (meaus) From time to time people used to call the Museum of European Art in Clarence, New York about a possibility of renting the exhibition hall for a smaller party or reception.

This year it is finally possible to do just that. The Art Museum, located in Clarence near the popular Asa Ransom House, can accomodate smaller receptions & parties, with seating capacity for up to 24 persons.

The museum provides: seating for up to 24 persons, dinnerware, silverware, and wine glasses. Also, a public address system, a projection screen, and CD & DVD players are available. The person renting the space is responsible for clean-up after the event, by 10 am of the next day. The regular time slots available are Monday through Sunday, 4 pm to 11 pm. The fee is $ 200, plus $ 100 security deposit.

There is safe and ample parking at and near the Museum, which islocated in the heart of Clarence, just past the Town Park. Behind the museum is the future Alexander Sculpture Garden, scheduled to open in 2009.

Address: 10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031. Tel. (716) 759-6078, fax (716) 759-1983. Web site: www.meaus.com

For more information, an appointment to see the space available and to make reservations, contact John Zavrel at zavrel@meaus.com or by telephone during business hours at 759-6078.



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