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Fundraising for the SCULPTURE GARDEN

 Goal: $ 60,000


Spanish Bull and Charging Bull, a pair of bronzes by the prominent European sculptor KURT ARENTZ, are among the works of art we are offering to our readers to raise money for the Museum. For the price and more information of these fine bronzes, contact zavrel@meaus.com



We are moving ahead with the NEXT PHASE of the development of our Museum: THE SCULPTURE GARDEN.

The opening is planned for July 19, 2009 -- the 15th Anniversary of the Museum.


Will you help us by purchasing a work of art from our collection? At the same time you will enjoy a fine work of art right in your home.

We offer you some interesting and unique works of art from our collection by artists like Salvador Dali (Spain), Renate Stendar (Switzerland), Ernst Fuchs (Austria), Kurt Arentz (Germany), and others.

By purchasing one of these works, you will support our work and at the same time enjoy a fine work of art in your home.


Or, you can make a donation, according to your possibilities and inclinations. Your donations are tax-deductible.


 Museum of European Art

10545 Main Street

Clarence, New York 14031 (USA)

Tel. (716) 759-6078 E-mail: zavrel@meaus.com



1) ALEXANDER THE GREAT, by Arno Breker. A limited edition ARA-marble, on stand.



2) DAPHNE, by Arno Breker. A graphic, signed. $ 90.



4) SALVADOR DALI, by Arno Breker. The only authentic portrait of Dalí, for which he stood model. A limited edition bronze.



5) BUCEPHALOS I and BUCEPHALOS II, by Arno Breker. Limited edition bronzes.



6) RECLINING ORPHEUS, by Jean Cocteau. An etching. $ 260.




7) GIRAFFE DE MILO, by Salvador Dalí. A limited edition bronze.



8) RIVER NYMPH, by ERNST FUCHS. A color etching. $ 900.



9) MEDITATION, by Arno Breker. A limited edition bronze.




 10) YOU AND ME, by Arno Breker. A color graphic, signed. $ 90.



11) YOU AND I, by Arno Breker. An ARA-marble relief.




12) HARP OF AEOLIS, by Renate Stendar. A limited edition ARA-marble.




13) DAPHNE AND APOLLO, by Arno Breker. A color graphic, signed. $ 120.



14) ALEXANDER AND HEPHAISTION, by Arno Breker. A color graphic, signed. $ 90.



For a price list and more information, please contact John Zavrel at








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