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Wedding at the Castle with an honor guard of soldiers

Nörvenich Castle in Germany is becoming more and more popular as a special place to get married


Soldiers of the German Army form an honor guard at a civil wedding of one of their comrades at the Nörvenich Castle. Reservation can be made at the City Hall, telephone (from USA) 011-49-2426-10130.

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Nörvenich (bpb) Wedding at a castle is a special experience. Civil marriage ceremonies at the Nörvenich Castle are becoming more and more popular. To one of the most recent happy coulples belonged also a member of the German Army and his bride. She came all in white, which made quite an impression in this historical place. Comrades of the groom, all in uniforms, stood honor guard at the entrance to the Castle. This created for the great event in the life of these two young people a very special and festive atmosphere.

"The idea of the mayor Heinz-Jürgen Schüller, to use this best maintained historical building in the area for civil marriage ceremonies, has proved itself fortunate", says the Lord of the Castle and President of the Auropean Art Foundation, John G. Bodenstein. The Nörvenich Castle, with its Alexander Hall as the room for marriage ceremonies, is truly a unique historical place with its history going back centuries, all the way to the Roman times.


Civil marriage ceremony in the Prince Alexander Hall at the Nörvenich Castle. The newlyweds sit on antique chairs.The youngest witness sat in a baby carriage, surrounded by family members.


Reservations for marriage ceremonies at the Castle can be made by calling the City Hall in Nörvenich (telephone from USA: 011-49-2426-10130).

The Nörvenich has its Knight Halls available for people of tradition not only for wedding receptions, but also for anniversaries and family gatherings. The administration of the castle is available tor information and advice. Fax (from USA: 011-49-2426-1311, or by e-mail info@europaeische-kultur-stiftung.org



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