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Birgit Sewekow 2006 Art Calendar


The front page of the representative 2006 Wall Calendar of the painter Birgit Sewekow. Alltogether, 13 watercolor bring pleasure to the viewer.

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Köln (bpb) A colorful 2006 Annual Calendar has been released by the German painter Birgit Sewekow. Selected were13 nudes, four of them male. The watercolors are very tender and filled with feelings. They represent the painting technique that Birgit Sewekow herself developed after taking instruction at the Painting Academy of Professor Markus Lüpertz (Düsseldorf).

The calendar consists of a front page, 12 calendar sheets and 12 sheets with pictures of her works, which are suitable for framing. The wall calendar can be ordered from Marco-VG@gmx.de (Marco Edition, Händelstr. 12, 53115 Bonn, Germany. The price is $ 30, including shipping.

The European Art Foundation Berlin will dedicate its 2006 Annual Exhibition to the work of Birgit Sewekow. The exhibition will take place in the Museum Europäische Kunst in Nörvenich, near Köln. (www.europaeische-kultur-stiftung.org)

The painter Birgit Sewekow was born in Darmstadt in 1946. She has a PhD in physics, and lives in Leverkusen. She received her artistic education according to academic guidelines in the art atelier ELOBA in Köln, studying with G. Gartz, Dr. J. Mangold (Bad Griesbach) and Prof. Markus Lüpertz (Düsseldorf).

In the representative painting of the 21st century, Birgit Sewekow has rediscovered the joy of colors in to a suprising extent. When she selects a color from her palette, her artistic mastery makes her works instantly recognizable. They catch our eye by their magnificance of color, they signal a lightness of the artistic ability, they enchant and seduce the viwer to want to see more. The painter's themes are landscapes, buildings, portraits, animals, allegorical representations and nudes. Her artistic work has been shown and proven in numerous individual and group exhibitions. Her pictures are in public and private collections, as well as in museums. (9.10.05)



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