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Brokeback Montain makes horses more popular

Arentz, Breker and Marino Marini and his horses


"The Horse Tamer" (Der Rosse-Bändiger) is the title of this fine original lithograph (18x23 cm) by Arno Breker. It was printed at the famous Mourlot-Press in Paris and published in a limited edition for sale. The graphic shows the man and the galloping horse in a classical pose. More details about the work: info@europaeische-kultur-stiftung.org

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New York (bpb) "Brokeback Mountain", the "gay cowboy movie", has created a new interest in horses around the world as well. But the horse has been a popular subject in art for a long time, much before the release of the most talked about film of the past year. This film was the victim of the biggest upset in the recent Oscar Award history.

Among the artists of our time, Kurt Arentz belongs to the leading sculptors of animal art. His oeuvre include sculptures of horses in bronze, as well as drawings and paintings of this motive. "Horses have been one of the most important animals for the human beings, as far back as we can look", said Arentz in an interview with Prometheus. Indeed: without horses the famous conquerors such as Alexander the Great couldn't have been so successful as they were. The horse played a leading part in the colonization of America and the development of the United States. Artists of all centuries have honored these fine animals in their works.

In Europe, the famous Arno Breker has created sculptures and relief of horses. The master used to send greeting cards with these motives to his friends and art collectors. The Italian artist Marino Marini became more popular as an artist thanks to his bronze sculptures and lithographs of horses, rather than his motives of abstract human beings.

"Wild horses" (on the Brokeback Mountain) by Kurt Arentz. The fine lithograph is colored by hand and signed by the artist in an edition of only 200 pieces. More details for collectors at Zavrel@meaus.com . Works of the sculptor and painter Kurt Arentz belong to the collection of the European Art Foundation (Berlin), the US Museum of European Art, New York, the German State Collection, the Ronald Reagan Collection, the George Bush Collection and other institutions.

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