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Memories of Arno Breker on his death anniversary in 2007

Flags at half-mast and flowers at his bust


Arno Breker in his studio. February 16, 2007 was the 16th anniversary of his death in 1991. The front cover of the art-book 'Arno Breker: A Life for the Beautiful". The publication in English, French and German contains more than 500 photographs about the life and works of the great sculptor. You can order this book at zavrel@meaus.com

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Berlin / Nörvenich (bpb) Arno Breker was honored and remembered on the 16th anniversary of his death at his Museum at the Nörvenich Castle, near Cologne, Germany. The world-renowned sculptor, graphic artist and architect dies on February 13, 1991 at the age of 90 years. Remembering this great master of the classical art, the flags at the Nörvenich Castle were at half-mast for three days. At his self-portrait in bronze was placed a bouquet of white lillies, which were favorite flowers of the artist.

„People's interest in this unique artist remains very strong", said the Museum's director John G. Bodenstein. As an eyewitness, he recalled that Breker himself gave his approval of this museum. "We have also honored his wish, to include in this collection of European art above all also his artist-friends Salvador Dalí and Ernst Fuchs", explained Bodenstein. In addition, there are other contemporary artists included in the collection, who had known Breker personally, or who themselves work in the Classical tradition. More information can be provided to interested artists by contacting director John G. Bodenstein.

From May, 2007 there will be shown in the Museum at the Nörvenich Castle a special exhibition of original graphics by Arno Breker. It will be mostly etchings and lithographs produced in the studio of Fernand Mourlot in Paris between the years 1927 and 1990. A color catalog with illustrations can be ordered from Museum@europaeische-kultur-stiftung.org )

During the commemoration of Breker's anniversary, the publication "About a Friend" was displayed in the museum. It it Winifred Wagner celebrates her life-long friendship with the sculptor.

The Museum of European Art ( www.meaus.com ) in the United States begun work on the establishment of permanent outside exhibition titled "Alexander Garden". The founder of the Museum, B. John Zavrel said about the project: "Besides the bust of Alexander the Great by Arno Breker, there should be primarily portraits of other artists installed here. To them belong among others works by Kurt Arentz, Peter Hohberger, K. Donst, Yrsa von Leistner. Those artists, who are interested to take part in this project, can obtain more information from zavrel@meaus.com



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