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The Golden Triangle: Salvador Dalí, Arno Breker and Ernst Fuchs

Museum at the Noervenich Castle remembers the friendship of great art masters

By B. John Zavrel


"King David" by Salvador Dalí. A small sculpture in bronze, 24 carat gold-plated on a marble stand. Height 24 cm, diameter 12 cm, limited edition. You can order this fine work of art, in the USA from:  zavrel@meaus.com. In Europe from: marco-vg@t-online.de.

Foto: museum-collection


Berlin (mea) The Museum Europäische Kunst at the Noervenich Castle near Cologne, Germany has dedicated its annual 2012 exhibition to three significant artist friends of a great era in art: Salvador Dalí (Spain/USA), the German-French sculptor Arno Breker and the painter Ernst Fuchs (Austria/Monaco). From the rich store of their works, the museum's curator Marco J. Bodenstein put together an excellent selection of original works for a representative exhibition. Bronzes, art objects, drawings, watercolors and original graphics are all included. The Dalí expert Detlef Lehmann highlighted in his speech the connections of this unique friendship, which Dalí had proclaimed in 1974 with these words: "We are the Golden Triangle in art: Dalí, Breker Fuchs. No matter how one may turn us, we are always on top."

With these words "the divine Dalí" has founded in his "Teatre Museum Dalí" in Figueras the "Golden Friendship" with two artists whom he especially valued: the classical sculptor of the century, Arno Breker and the Austrian painter-prince Ernst Fuchs. The source of this friendship was the mutual appreciation of the artistic work and the admiration of the masters of one another. "Artist friends of this kind are only possible among artists of equal rank and different forms of expression", said Lehmann, who belongs to the most respected Dalí experts. At the same time, Lehmann is familiar with the work of Breker and Fuchs, both of whom he knows from personal encounters.


The reverse side of the Dalí medal with the motif "The voice of God in biblical landscape". The symbolic, powerful small sculpture was created in connection with the cycle of paintings "The twelve tribes of Israel".

Foto: Royal Collection


Guitar performance for Dalí and friends

At the opening for special guests and art collectors in the Knights Hall in the castle, the guitar artist Lajos Tar (Budapest, Hungary) played his Spanish instruments for "Dalí and Friends". Among the guests from all parts of Germany and Israel were also artists, among them the international sculptor Kurt Arentz, the painter Birgit Sewekow as well as German sculptors Siegfrid Lunau and Detlef Krebs. For his masterful performance, the concert musician and composer Lajos Tar received enthusiastic applause. The exhibition objects came on loan from various European collectors. The president of the European Art Foundation, John G. Bodenstein thanked them for their cooperation. Contributions to the exibition included paintings, graphics, sculptures, jewelry and art objects from the collections of Fernand Mourlot, Capitano Peter Moore, Hedwige Soder as well as the Museum's collection and the European Art Foundation.


Good connection to all artists

The Noervenich Castle near Cologne, German has cultivated good connections to all three artists for decades. Arno Breker has even encouraged the owners for the establishment of a museum, and left them a part of his works for the "Arno Breker Museum". Breker and Fuchs were often guests at private and official events at the Noervenich Castle as well as at their own exhibitions. The Spanish Crown Prince Felipe of Asturias had once come from Spain, in order to open a Dalí retrospective and unveil a bust of Salvador Dalí by Arno Breker.


Hours the exhibition is open

The exhibition 'The Golden Triangle: Salvador Dalí&emdash;Arno Breker&emdash;Ernst Fuchs" is open till September 30, 2012.

On exhibit are original lithographs, etchings, drawings, bronzes, art objects, jewelry by Breker and Dalí. Also available are various color art catalogs.


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