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Guru Purnima 2004

July 2, 2004



Guru is all-capable, shoreless is Guru

Fortunate is s/he who sees visage of the Guru.

Guru is the doer, Guru the cause of all that is done

Guru's initiation alone is the all true one.

Outside of Guru there is naught,

One adopted by the Guru, whatever he seeks he finds.


Guru is the sacred place for pilgrimage

Guru the wish-fulfilling sheltering heavenly tree

Guru is the fulfiller of all one's mind's desire.

Guru the giver, he grants initiation into God's Name

And the whole world is liberated, redeemed;

One is redeemed from all of worldly cycles.

Guru is all-powerful, Guru is formless,

Guru is high, unreachable, transcending shores.

Guru's glory is fathomless--

What can a narrator narrate?


Not a single breath, nor in the swallow of a mouthful

Is the Guru forgotten, for

Guru himself is the fruitful force, fruit-bearing form.

The like of the Guru none other is seen;

In all night watches of the day and night

Does (the disciple) remain engaged in japa.

Only at His glance of Grace does one find

the true Name, the Treasure of Goodness.


Guru and Supreme Lord is one and the same,

He dwells pervading within all.

Those who have earned fortune from before

They alone (receive the opportunity to) meditate on the Name.

Says Nanak: one who has surrendered,

Taken refuge in the Guru

Neither dies, nor comes, nor goes.



An excerpt from "Guru Granth Sahib"


Schedule of Worldwide Group Meditations with Swami Veda:



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