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Ode to the Light

By Krista Wehner-Radeburg



"Are the cranes returning to you,

and are the ships seeking the way to your shores?"


Youth of the world, welcome, welcome to the blossoming grove!

East and West are getting ready for a fight in friendly games.

Sword turns into a lyre, and Pegassus watches over the sacred oath.

The fighers all together, dancing in a joyful chorus around the flames.

The victor arises, radiating and singing, surrounded

By the hills of Hymettos, Taygetos, Parnassos and Kynthos.


Olympic Games at the ancient site, crowned by olive trees.

Youth of the world, welcome, welcome!

"And may the ships once again

find the way to your shores."




Copyright 2004 Krista Wehner-Radeburg



Copyright 2004 West Art, Prometheus 93


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Copyright 2004 West-Art

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Nr. 93, Autumn 2004