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Ronald Reagan Art Collection

The US President was an admirer and collector of fine arts


By Bernd Castell



The bronze sculpture "Peace" from the Ronald Reagan Collection by the sculptor Kurt Arentz. A limited edition for private collectors. Height: 33 cm. Photograph: Front-page of the booklet "Art of our Time".

© Meaus/Marco-VG


New York/Washington (bpb) "I love fine arts, and specially the work of sculptors", said President Ronald Reagan in 1987 in Berlin. On this visit he made the historical appeal to the communist block and President Michael Gorbatchev to "tear down this wall". In the meantime, many organizations continue to preserve his political testament, but only one keeps the memory of the late president in the field of fine arts and culture a live: The Ronald Reagan Collection.

The idea was introduced during Reagan's presidential time in the White House. Consul B. John Zavrel, the founder of RRC, said: "The collection now includes works of various artists, writers and photographers, dedicated to Ronald Reagan. We also collect paintings, sculptures, and graphic works of artists who portray eyewitness of the Reagan Era."

The Ronald Reagan Collection (RRC) is a so-called 'open collection'. Artists of our time are invited to contribute one ore more of their works to the collection. "This is also for the benefit of the participating artists", said Zavrel. It is a priviledge to have a work included in the RRC. A jury decides which works and objects are accepted.

The RRC is located at the US Museum of European Art in Clarence, New York (www.meaus.com). The Collection cooperates with the European Art Foundation in Berlin and Paris.


Sculptures "Liberty" and "Peace" for Ronald Reagan

The dialog between President Reagan and Consul Zavrel goes back to 1985. President Reagan was presented the originals of fine bronze sculptures "Liberty" and "Peace". He agreed that a limited edition should be made of these "presidential Eagles" for fundraising to support wildlife preservation in USA, and promote the American-European relations in art.

These sculptures and other artworks for sale to support the RRC are published in the catalogue "Art of our Time". Order this free catalog by sending $ 5 for shipping and handling, to Museum of European Art, 10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031. For more information, contact: zavrel@meaus.com


This is an official letter of thanks to B.John Zavrel for his engagement:


© RRC-Archive/Marco-VG



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