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Dr.Yogiraj Jayant

Teacher of Ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy

By B. John Zavrel



In today's world of material prosperity, we all want to be happy and healthy. Yet we fail to be happy and free from various ailments.

Good health is the primary requirement for happiness and the realization of the four aims of life: dharma, artha, kama and moksha. But in spite of all kinds of diet supplements, tonics and vitamins, many people suffer from depression, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems. Can we ever be free from these physical and mental ailments?

Dr. Yogiraj Jayant has some answers. He teaches a new, natural and healthy way of living and working. Food, yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation and self-conduct are his recommendations for better health, happiness and success.

Dr. Jayant has unique qualifications from his extensive practice and experience in India. The Science of Ayurveda is one of the most comprehensive systems of natural health and healing in the world today. In includes diet, herbology, physical therapy, massage, and spiritual practices. It is also the system of medicine most closely aligned with the traditional practices of yoga and meditation.

He is a classically trained Ayurvedic physician holding degrees in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery. He is the founder of the Gurukul College at Kanva Ashram and the founder and director of the Bhim Ayurvedi Medicine Company, which distributes authentic Ayurvedic medicines throughout the world.

Dr. Vishvpal Jayant also holds the title of the 'Modern Day Bhima", conferred on him by the President of India for his incredible feats of strength and endurance. He personally inspired the famed Gurukul School of Yoga in one of the most sacred spots in Northern India, where today more than 100 students are learning the classical system of yoga under his personal direction.


He is currently on a tour in Canada and the United States.

Near Toronto, he is giving a special retreat from September 10-12, 2004 at Place Shadow Lakes, 15041 9th Avenue, Stouffville, Ontario L4A 2X3, telephone 905-640-6432. Cost is $ 75.

After the program in Canada, Dr. Jayant is going to lecture in Texas and California.


Contact information for Dr. Jayant:

Gurukul Kanvashram, India: 011-91-1382-241 353 and 241 275

Mobile number: 983 716 2511

Chandanpur, India: 011-91-1341-255 116

E-mail: bhiem001@yahoo.com

In Toronto, at Arya Samaj: 905-475-5778

In California: 916-451-2590


Gurukul Mahavidyalaya Kanvashram & Kanvashram Yog Peeth Chandanpur, India

P.O. Kala Ghati (Kotdwar)

District Pauri, Gahrwal

U.A., India 246 149 


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