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Last updated October 11, 2005


to show their works in 2006 in our Museum


As a new initiative of the Museum of European Art, we invite artists to show their works in our museum.

16 DISPLAY PANELS are available to show paintings, photographs or graphics


Each display panel is 48 x 84 inches in size, and can accommodate:

4 paintings 14 x 17, or TWO medium size paintings, or ONE large painting


The average number displayed is about 30 paintings.

It is possible for two artists to share the display area.



$ 300 plus 1% of the selling price of the paintings,


one or more of the exhibited works--valued over $ 2,400--to be donated by the artist to the Museum of European Art. This work will be used for the invitations.

The works of art donated by you and other European and American artists in the past 12 months will be shown in our exhibition 'EUROPE AND AMERICA' in July and August, 2006.



The exhibitions will run for about 24 days. The opening reception will be on the first Sunday of the month, from 1-4 p.m.



We will print 1,000 invitation postcards, sharing cost 50-50 with the artist.

The artist will receive 500 of these postcards to mail to their friends and clients.

The artist is expected to bring at least 80 guests to the opening reception and supply wine and appetizers for their guests.



If a work of art is sold during the exhibition (either by the Museum or by the artist personally), the Museum will receive commission of 25% of the selling price.

Interested artists should contact John Zavrel at (716) 759-6078, or by e-mail at:



Museum of European Art, 10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031.




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