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EXHIBITION 100 YEARS OF DALI was a success


The President of the European Art Foundation (EKS), John G. Bodenstein and Professor Dr. Uta Ranke-Heinemann sign the Golden Book of the exhibition 100 Years of Salvador Dali. The event, organized by the EKS to honor the Spanish painter, was a great success.

Foto: Marco-VG, Bonn


Berlin/Nörvenich (bpb) The exhibition Hommage a Salvador Dali on the occasion of the 100th birthday anniversary of the surrealist in 2004 in Germany was a great public success. According to the European Art Foundation in Berlin, the cultural event in the Museum of European Art at the Nörvenich Castle was visited by friends of art from all parts of Germany, as well as from the neighboring countries of the European Union: Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, and France. In addition, several groups from USA, England and Italy have seen the show organized by the EKS.

According to the spokesman of the EKS curatorium, the sculptor Kurt Arentz, the Foundation will honor Salvador Dali with yet another exhibition in the year 2005. Planned is a presentation of the theme "Artists of the Golden Triangle: Dali-Breker-Fuchs". Arentz said that the foundation discovered new historical documents. The European Art Foundation feels itself to be closely related to Dali and the Spanish Royan House, also since the Spanish heir apparent, Prince of Asturias, years ago opened at the Nörvenich Castle the Royal Dali Collection with the largest authentic portrait-bust of Dali in the whole world.

Other Dali exhibitions book place in Germany in 2004 among others in Bamberg, Bruchsal and in the Schleswig Holstein Haus of the city of Schwerin. The most attractive postage stamp for the Dali Jubileum published the Bulgarian Postoffice. Is shows the famous Dali portrait-bust by Arno Breker, set in the middle of a Dali landscape after an original painting of the master.

In the USA, the Museum of European Art (www.meaus.com) honored the artist with an exhibition of his color woodcuts to Dante's Divine Comedy. The color catalog can be ordered from marco-vg@gmx.de (in Europe) or from zavrel@meaus.com in USA.

Another exclusive publication is the catalog The DIVINE FRANGRANCES--DIE GÖTTLICHEN DÜFTE, which was prepared by the Dali curator Detlef Lehman, about the perfumes produced by Dali.


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