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The art of Emma de Sigaldi shown in Germany

Josephine Gabler about the life and work of the artist from Monaco


By Joe F. Bodenstein


Above the rooftops of Monte Carlo: The sculptress Emma de Sigaldi working on the sculpture "Sitting by the Sea".

© Artpress/Marco-VG, Bonn


Berlin/Monaco (bpb) The art Emma de Sigaldi in Berlin: The gallery Ludwig Lange opened on APril 30, 2004 an exhibition honoring the artist who lives in Monaco. The show of sculptures, objects, graphics and drawings will continue to June 19, 2004. At the opening ceremony, the art critic Josephine Gable from the Sculpture Foundation gave a presentation about the artist. Mrs. Gabler, show was most recently involved in a TV film by Dagmar Wittmers about the life and work of the sculptor Arno Breker, in her role as an expert on the Classical Period of German art of the 20th century. She gave an interesting introduction into the artistic work of the sculptress.

The sculptress Emma de Sigaldi was born in Karlsruhe, Germany. Since 1954 she has been living in Monaco.To her friends and patrons belongs the ruling family, above all Prince Rainier III. De Sigaldi has the best memories of the late pricess Grace Kelly, born in America. "She was a woman who loved beauty and art." The affection toward the lady sculptor is these days continued primarily by Prince Albert of Monaco. During his recent visit to Germany with the Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit in the Red City Hall, also the old lady was there with him.

In Berlin, Monaco's Ambassador Rainier Imperi honored the artist at the opening of her exhibition. Also the very active Emil Ruf from Munich was there, who is engaged in promoting her works. "Her works are shown in many cities of the world", said the Berlin gallery owner Ludwig Lange. Among them are Paris, London, New York, Brussels, Zürich, Taipei and Hong Kong.

The European Art Foundation (EKS) in Berlin has opened an "Emma de Sigaldi Archive" (info@europaeische-kultur-stiftung.org), in order to help preserve the artistic work of this European artist.The same attention has been given by the Foundation to the Swiss sculptor Renate Stendar-Feuerbaum and the German painter Birgit Sewekow.The artistic spokesman for the EKS, Kurt Arentz said about the work of the elegant sculptress: "She has an unusual creative and visionary power. Through it, she combines the ideal of beauty with a world of forms, which remind us of the best works by Henry Moore. Above all, this can be seen in her monumental figures."



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