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New Sculpture for 'Eleanor & Wilson Greatbatch Collection

Yuri Firsov from Toronto creates "The Dancer Rudolf Nureyev"


The Dancer RUDOLF NUREYEV by the Canadian sculptor Yuri Firsov. 


Clarence, New York (mea) The US Museum of European Art received a donation of the sculpture by the Russian-born artist Yuri Firsov, who now lives and works mostly in Toronto, Canada.

This is one of two works devoted to the famous dancer Nureyev by Firsov. Both have been produced in Canada in a low, limited edition. Both works have found a very positive response among art collectors as well as music and ballet lovers. People who have known Nureyev personally have been impressed how faithfully the artist captured the likeness and personality of Nureyev.

The "Eleanor & Wilson Greatbatch Collection" of the Museum of European Art (www.meaus.com) was established in 2002 to honor one of the great Americans of our time, the inventor of the heart pacemaker, Dr. Wilson Greatbatch and his wife Eleanor. Since its invention, the pacemaker has saved or extended the lives of millions of people worldwide. Even today, the 85-years old nventor does not know how to rest: still he works nearly every day at his company on new inventions.

In the two years, the Collection has received a number of fine works of art--sculptures, paintings, lithographs from a number of European and American artists, art collectors and art museums. Among them are works by Kurt Arentz (Germany), Renate Stendar (Switzerland), Peter Hohberger (Germany), Sara McMurray-Day (Ireland), Salvador Dali (Spain), Jean Cocteau (France), Pat Roberts (California), Helga Tiemann (Germany), Elisaveta Aleksandrova (Bulgaria), Anna Druzcz (New York), Binyamin Shalumov (New York), Slavka Kolesar (Canada), David Digby (New York), Edward Tabachnik (Canada), Stella Shalumova (New York), Lorne Corley (Canada), Jean Carzou (France), Dasa Bausova (Colorado), ViviAnn Rose (Utah) Tana Christiansen (New York), Ernst Fuchs (Austria), and others.

Artists interested to join this worldwide initiative can join us by donating one of their original, representative works to: Museum of European Art, 10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031 (USA). Please contact John Zavrel, Director at zavrel@meaus.com


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