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Lectures by Swami Hari on DVD

Lectures on yoga and guided meditations


Friends on the spiritual path,

Thank you for joining us last for the lecture series on yoga and morning meditations with Swami Hariharananda (Swami Hari). Many of us were inspired by him to deepen or renew our practice.

There was a wealth of ideas, useful information and practices in those lectures. To make it possible for everyone who attended (and also for those who could not attend) to review and digest the lectures in the comfort of your home, we have made available the 5 lectures and 1 guided meditation on DVD's.

We request a $ 20 donation per DVD, to support the SWAMI RAMA VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE in Malethi in the Himalayas, near Toli, the birthplace of Swami Rama. For more information on the project, visit



The following DVD's are available:


1) Five Stages to Deepen Your Spiritual Practice (8/12/04)

2) Reincarnation (8/13/04)

3) Yoga Nidra. Mudras. (8/15/04)

4) Samadhi. Mudras (8/17/04)

5) Samadhi, Part 2 (8/18/04)

6) Guided Meditation (8/17/04)


For US orders by mail, please add $ 4 for the first DVD, and $ 1 for each additional DVD. Foreign shipping on request.


IF you order the whole set of six DVD's, the price is ONLY $ 109, including postage.


Please make checks or money orders payable to Museum of European Art, and mail to:


John Zavrel

Museum of European Art

10545 Main Street

Clarence, New York 14031



Swami Hari promised to come back in 2005 for a week, to teach more advanced practices (pranayama and meditation) to those who will keep up the meditation he gave us (see DVD above).


For our web page for Swami Hari, the Tarkeshwar Temple, Toli and the Malethi project, visit




In service,

John Zavrel




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