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Africa sculptures by the famous Arno Breker

Black is beautiful in Art--The Voice of Africa


By B. John Zavrel



'Black Orpheus' (Orfeo Negro). Bronze sculpture by Arno Breker.

Size: 80 cm high.

Copyright: Foto Marco Bodenstein



New York / Berlin (bpb) Arno Breker created a series of sculptures, titled 'The Voice of Africa'. He was inspired by several visits to the black continent and his dialog with Leopold Sedar Senghor, President of the Republic of Senegal and leading writer and poet of Africa. His friends were also president Houphuet Boigne of the Ivory Cost, President Anwar El Sadat from Egypt and the late King of Marocco.

The African sculptures were part of a project for a monument of Freedom, a memorial to the Jewish-Arab cooperation under the patronage of the USA. The series of sculptures includes the fine bronze 'The Voice of Africa'. It is afigure of a standing messenger, who reminds us about the revolution in South Africa.

Breker did five other sculptures as an homage to the people of this continent, symbolizing the natural resources of the black African countries: wood, cotton, coffee, bananas and the rich variety of fruits.

Breker was fascinated by the "architecture of beautiful black bodies". He depicted this beauty in bronze, of an athletic young African. The series includes several additional fine bronzes: 'Young Africa' (anathletic youth with an axe), 'Black Motherhood' (Mother and child, cotton), 'Black Venus' (walking girl with fruits), 'Adonis Noire' (young man, coffee), Orfeo Negro (black Orpheus, young African, bananas).

Arno Breker, as the leading sculptor of the classical tradition, did 99 % of his sculptures as nudes. This is the traditional Hellenic style. But for the Africa series, Breker dressed his models in tight pants and cloths.

Besides Breker, the famous German photographer and filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl adored black beauty. At a high age, she stayed for months in Africa and lived with the Nubas. This African tribe is known for tall, beautiful men and women.


The fine bronze "Black Orpheus" by Arno Breker is an homage to black beauty. This rare artwork is a precious collectors' item, created by the leading sculptor of the 20th century.

Photograph: Marco Bodenstein /Copyright Marco-VG, Bonn


The fine bronzes 'Africa--Black Beauty' by Arno Breker are now availabe for sale in a limited edition of 50 pieces.

Collectors can get more information at marco-vg@gmx.de and in USA at zavrel@meaus.com



Copyright 2004 West Art, Prometheus 94/2004


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