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Salvador Dalí as a Catalonian for collectors

The first medium-size portrait for the Dalí Year 2004


Salvador Dalí--the Catalonian and fisherman. The hat of the Spanish fishermen on the head of the surrealist remind us about the soft forms and clocks of the artist.

Photo: Marco Bodenstein/Dalí Archive, Marco-VG


Berlin (bpb) The first medium-size bust of Salvador Dalí on the occasion of the 100th birthday anniversary of the master in the year 2004 is now available for art collectors and the Dalí aficionados. The masterpiece shows the world renowned surrealist with a Spanish hat on his head. Dalí liked to wear such a fishermen's hat very often, one in bright red.

The work of art was created as commission by the European Art Foundation Berlin-Paris-New York and the Dalí Archive. It was made by the sculptor K. Donst. The bust has been produced in a limited museum edition in alabaster cast, and is offered at the special price of $ 550. The bust is 38 centimeters high.

For the material, a marble-white alabaster was chosen deliberately. Collecting of casts has a long and great tradition all the way up to our times. Even Kaisers, kings and Popes, as well as people like Schiller and Goethe possessed fine casts of sculptures from Antiquity. Today, we can admire such works in public buildings, churches, museums and memorials.

The Dalí bust is also available on request in bronze. Price on request.

Each sculpture is accompanied by a description of the work and certificate of authenticity. Orders should be directed to European Art Foundation Marco-VG@gmx, and in the United States to zavrel@meaus.com



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