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German Cancer Aid supported by international stars

People donated four million dollars during a TV benefit show

By Joe F. Bodenstein


Prof. Dr. Dagmar Schipanski, president of the Deutsche Krebshilfe, surrounded by international artists from all continents during a ZDF-Show on the German television.

Photo: ZDF/Marco


Offenburg/Bonn (bpb) The German Cancer Aid (Deutsche Krebshilfe) received support from international stars in the fight against cancer. People in Germany, Austria and Switzerland gave 4 million dollars during the annual benefit show on the nationwide German TV channel ZDF. The president of the organization, Prof. Dr. Dagmar Schipanski, assured the donors: "Each and every cent of your donation will be used for projects to find cures for this horrible disease."

The TV Show "Melodien für Millionen" (Melodies for Millions) was presented by the famous showmaster Dieter Thomas Heck. He supported the goals already decades ago, during the lifetime of Mildred Scheel, the founder of the German Cancer Aid. He said: "I feel high respect for president Dagmar Schipanski and her selfless engagement, to help." In order to conquer cancer on the international scale, more cooperation is necessary also between the USA and the leading scientists in Germany.

Among the singers in the show on November 21, 2004 were Udo Jürgens (with his song "Eisblume), the Irish Folk-Rocker Chris de Burgh (Five Past Dreams), Italian Pop-icon Al Bano Carrisi, Nicole, Vanessa Mae and Peter Kraus, a Rocker since Elvis Presley's time.

Die Deutsche Krebshilfe is a non-profit organisation. It supports projects against cancer with its own money, donated by the general public and other organisations. Throughout the year, the public is requested to send donations to the bank account number 90 90 93 at the Sparkasse Bonn (BLZ 380 500 00). President Schipanski reminds: "We should not forget that all of us can get cancer. Therefore, we should make donations ahead, in time for research and also to support hospitals through Deutsche Krebshilfe.

(The CD from this broadcast, under the title „Winter-Weihnachtszeit 2004 - Melodien für Millionen" is already available in stores in Germany. For each CD sold, the German Cancer Aid receives $ 1.30).


The tasks of the Deutsche Krebshilfe


Memories of the good old times: First Lady Dr. Mildred Scheel with international artists. Singer and entertainer Peter Alexander (Austria) is kissing the hand of the American born Dr. Scheel. Movie star and dancer Marikka Roeck (Hungary) is in the middle of the picture. The late actress,as famous in Europe as Elizabeth Taylor was in Hollywood, was a great supporter of the German Cancer Aid.

Photo: Marco-VG


The Deutsche Krebshilfe e.V. (German Cancer Aid) was founded on September 25, 1974. "The goal of this non-profit organisation is to fight all kinds of cancer", said its director Gerd Nettekoven. "According to its motto "Help. Research. Information." the German Cancer Aid supports research projects to improve diagnosis, therapy, after-care and self-help. It helps to improve the equipment and personnel in hospitals and to remedy shortages and emergencies in institutions for therapy, research and rehabilitation."

Dr. Eva Kalbheim, information officer of the organisation, said: "People who are in distress due to cancer can get from us advice, help and in certain cases also financial support. The German Cancer Aid and its "Dr. Mildred Scheel Foundation for Cancer Research" support numerous innovative research projects in order to develop new methods of therapy and diagnosis against cancer. The German Cancer Aid not only informs about the various types of cancer, but also about the possibilities of cancer prevention and motivates the population to visit medical check-ups. We organize and support medical education, further educational courses and publicity events in order to improve the fight against cancer."



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