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A Love Poem by Marlene Dietrich




Marlene Dietrich: Vamp and Hollywood star wrote poems of love at the age of 18 years.

Photograph: Dietrich-Archive/Marco-VG


Hollywood / Berlin (bpb) Marlene Dietrich, the German born Hollywood star, wrote love poems at the age of 18 years. This fact was discovered by "Prometheus" just now in Germany. Four love poems were found in an auction of autographs in Stuttgart, southern Germany. The poems go back to 1919. In that year, Marlene had already decided to become an actress on stage, or in the new, growing film industry.

Marlene Dietrich was born 1901 in Berlin. She died 1992 in Paris during sleep. Soon after her death, she was buried in Berlin in the grave of her mother. When Marlene wrote these poems, Marlene had just finished school in Berlin and in Dessau, when she wrote these poems.

Please read one of her love poems with the title "Komm' doch mal her" (Come, just drop in) in the original language German. One of these just discovered handwritten, secret poems by Marlene Dietrich is dated June 1, 1919.



Marlene Dietrich: Komm doch mal her


Ich bitt' Dich so sehr !

Komm doch mal her

Und spiel' mit mir

Wenn du magst!


Ich verlang' keinen Ernst

Keine dauernde Liebe.

Auch nicht, dass es immer so bliebe.

Und geh' dann wenn Du's sagst.


Sieh her die Rosen in meinem Schoß.

Sie sind so rot zum Küssen.

Und alle gebe ich davon Dir

Auch wenn Sie sterben müssen.


Komm' doch und spiel mit mir!!!



Marlene Dietrich aboard of „Queen Mary" on her journey to USA.

Photograph: Dietrich-Archive, Marco-VG



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