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The Day of Happiness: Yukio Mishima marries the young Yoko Sugiyama on June 11, 1958 in Tokyo.

Copyright Mishima-Archive 1977/EKS, Marco-RV



The Archive Yukio Mishima has the duty to protect the works and the personality of the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima (1925&endash;1970) in photographs, artworks and documents, to provide it to the public and especially to the young generation. This mission of 1977 on behalf of his wife, Mrs. Yoko Mishima includes the mission to keep the memories about the writer in purity, and to care for the publishing copyrights of photographs in Europe, USA and Canada.

All publishing houses, newspapers, TV-stations and film productions, as all other medias including the electronic media, are requested to strictly adhere to the international copyrights. Before publishing a photograph, please request the Mishima-Archive for agreement by contacting or, in USA

The Yukio Mishima Archive kindly asks all owners of documents, photographic materials and objects from and about the writer to donate copies or originals to the archive. Your information will be kept confidential.

The Yukio Mishima Archive serves under the patronage of the European Art Foundation (EKS). The Archive is a non-profit institution.

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