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Jean Carzou and his lithograph Alexander the Great


© Carzou-Archive/Marco-VG


New York/Paris (bpb) Jean Carzou did this original lithograph to honour the unforgettable Alexander the Great. The work was dedicated in 1982 to the French writer Roger Peyrefitte, at the time the Grandmaster of the Order of Alexander the Great (OAG).

The Alexander Order is offering this unique limited artwork to collectors and admirers of Alexander the Great for $ 120 only. The price in Europe is Euro 90.

The lithograph shows the helmet-wearing young Alexander with his soldiers on his historical way conquering an empire.

The lithograph is printed on Velin d'Arche paper at Mourlot-Press in Paris. The Edition includes 150 exemplars, numbered and hand signed by the artist. Size 31,5 x 24,5 cm.

You can order this artwork in USA via zavrel@meaus.com and

in Europe at Marco-VG@gmx.de


Among the members of The Alexander Order are the late Sir Peter Ustinov, US-President Ronald Reagan, the writer Ernst Jünger, space scientist Prof. Dr. Hermann Oberth, Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dali. The present Grandmaster of OAG is the inventor Dr. Wilson Greatbatch, father of the implantable pacemaker.


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