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Meditation - The Heart of Yoga


Serious about yoga?

Want to learn and teach within an authentic, living, meditative tradition?



The International Himalayan Yoga Teachers Association Teachers Training Program (IHYTA-TTP) cordially invites you to a program of comprehensive instruction in Yoga.

This year's retreat will focus on the teaching and practices of the Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition with a special opportunity to participate in the practice of Silence.

Completion of these two weeks will give students a chance to be in the presence of Swami Veda, deepen their self-awareness, and provide training and credits to obtain IHYTA Certification.


The Teachings of the Himalayan Masters, through Swami Rama and Swami Veda Bharati, include

- unique methods of subtle-body Hatha instruction

- meditative techniques to connect with the Center of Consciousness

- the wisdom of the ancient Perennial Philosophy



This year's retreat will take place at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, 35 miles south of Minneapolis

from July 6 to July 20, 2005


For further information, contact IHYTA, Box 31023, Bridgeland, RPO, Calgary,Alberta T2E 3R9 Canada, telephone1-866-618-6828, or http://stillpointyoga.ca/IHYTA_TTP.htm


The IHYTA Teachers Training Program (TTP) has centers in Europe, South America, Canada, Africa, Australia, China, Korea, Indonesia and India.

It is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance and offers a comprehensive 600-hour program consisting of formal instruction at retreats, mentoring, and home study.


The emphasis of IHYTA-TTP is meditation, and all areas of its instruction are taught in the context of meditation. The 10 curricular areas are:

1) Foundational Studies,

2) Yoga Exercises & Asanas,

3) Breathing & Pranayama,

4) Anatomy & Physiology,

5) Relaxation & Meditation,

6) Yoga Psychology,

7) Yoga Philosophy,

8) Yoga Sadhana,

9) Holistic Health & Wellness, and

10) Practical Aspects of Teaching




The founder and spiritual guide of IHYTA is Mahamandaleshvara Swami Veda Bharati.

He has spent nearly 60 years as a teacher, lecturer and writer.

Swami Veda was raised in a family of Sanskrit-speaking scholars in India. He attained degrees through the Ph.D. level in the 1960s at the University of London. He was a professor of Sanskrit and Indian religions at University of Minnesota from 1965 to 1973 and received the Distinguished Teacher Award in 1969.

He has written numerous books, including an exhaustive commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

He understands 17 languages in varying degrees of fluency.

Swami Veda was initiated into the Dhyana (meditative yoga) tradition in 1969 by Swami Rama, his spiritual teacher. Since then he has been instrumental in setting up and running yoga meditation centers throughout the world. These centers include an ashram in Rishikesh, India; a 200-acre medical complex near Dehradun, India; and a meditation center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Beginning in the 1980's, he began to travel worldwide, and now is recognized as international spiritual leader. In March 1999 the Shankara Order of Swamis in India conferred on Swami Veda the title of Mahamandeleshvara; he is one of 30 or so Indian Swamis to hold this honor.

In the fall of 2000, he was invited to speak at the United Nations Peace Summit, and in January of 2001, he and the Dalai Lama collaborated to bring the Buddhist and Hindu communities together at the Kumbha Mela, the largest gathering of people ever seen on the planet, in which over 70 million people participated.

He was an invited speaker for the Millennium Global Peace Summit at the UN in 2000 and also proposed a resolution to be adopted by the World Council of Religious Leaders as a recommendation to the Secretary General of the United Nations on May 21, 2003. On January 28, 2004 he submitted a proposal for UNESCO titled "Education and Parenting for World Peace."


More information about Swami Veda and his international work to promote peace can be obtained on these websites www.bindu.org by going to "Offerings" and then "Inspirations."


Other sites to visit for information on Swami Veda and his teachings are






July 6-10 (5-Day Silence at St. Olaf College)

July 10-20 (10-Day Silence at St. Olaf College)

July 6-20 (IHYTA Teachers Retreat at St. Olaf College)

(Silence and Teachers Retreat can be combined)

July 21 (Guru Purnima at The Meditation Center)

July 22-24 ("The Thousand Names of Kundalini")

July 26 ("The Gospel According to St. Matthew")

July 29-31 (Family Retreat at Dunrovin)

July 30 (Picnic Lunch with Swami Veda at Dunrovin)

IHYTA-TTP has an excellent staff with highly qualified yoga teachers, many who have taught over 30 years. Below are some of the IHYTA staff members who will are scheduled to teach at the retreat:

Pandit Ananta Sharma, M.A., RYT-500

Maya Balog, B.S., RYT-500

Dr. Stephen Parker, Ph.D.

Donna Marie Anderson, Ph.D.

John O'Hearne, M.D.

Linda Bilau, B.S., RYT-500

Dr. Paul Emerson, Ph.D.

Gary and Cynthia Gran

Ron Valle, Ph.D.

Mary Mohs, M.A., RYT-500

Randall Krause, RYT-500

Savitri Jugdeo, RYT-500

Jim Nelson, M.A., L.C.

Pat Layton, M.A.

Michael Smith, M.A., RYT-500



Daily Schedule and Activities at the TTP Retreat


5:30 Awaken with conscious transition

6:00 &endash; 6:15 Prayers/Group Meditation

6:15 &endash; 7:45 Hatha Yoga


8:00 &endash; 9:00 Breakfast

9:30 &endash; 10:30 Study, Contemplative Walking, Journaling

10:30 &endash; 12:00 Morning Workshops (practicum and practice)


12:30 &endash; 1:00 Lunch Dining Hall

1:30 &endash; 4:00 Rest, personal practices. Small Group and Individual Meetings


3:00 &endash; 4:00 Practice Teaching Studio Rm

4:30 &endash; 6:00 Afternoon Workshops (practicum and practice)

6:30 &endash; 7:00 Supper

7:00 &endash; 8:00 Contemplative Walking


8:00 &endash; 10:00 Evening with Swami Veda or others

Prayers and group meditation

Conscious transition into sleep



Topics for Workshops, Lectures, and Practicums

The Yoga Tradition

The Philosophy of Raja Yoga

Mind and Emotional Purification

Inner Dialogue and Journaling

Mantra and Meditation

The Subtleties of Being a Teacher

Guru, Disciple Relationship and Transmission

The Five Pillars of Sadhana

The Purpose of Teaching

The Texts of the Tradition

Anatomy of Hatha Yoga

Teaching Meditation

Traditions of Spirituality

Diet and Nutrition

Silence & Personal Self-transformation

The Purpose of Being a Teacher

The Science of Ayurveda

Practical Applications of the Yoga Sutras

The Principle and Practice of the Niyama "Saucha"

Relationships and Ethics

Sankhya Philosophy

The Anatomy of Breathing

Refinements in Meditation and 6-point Relaxation

Introduction to the Yoga Sutras

Breathing Practices

Application of Yamas and Niyamas

Practical Teaching Procedures I

Addressing Personality Imbalances

The Muscles and Connective Tissues,

The Circulatory and Digestive Systems,

The Physiological Effects of Asanas

Transformational Qualities of Diet and Food Preparation

Choosing a Spiritual Path

The Anatomy of Hatha: Benefits and Contraindications

Practical Teaching Procedures II

Applications of Sacredness to Daily Life:

Teachers as Spiritual Guides to Students



IHYTA-TTP Retreat 2005--Details


The retreat will be held at Northfield, Minnesota.

Northfield is a charming town 35 south of Minneapolis with two prestigious colleges (St. Olaf and Carlton).

The site of the IHYTA Teachers Retreat is St. Olaf College, a scenic campus on a hill surrounded by beautiful forests and prairie with walking trails and open-style gathering rooms for relaxing.



St. Olaf College

1520 St. Olaf Avenue

Northfield, MN 55057

www.stolaf.edu (for more information)

Tel: (507) 646-2222



Foundational (or Continuing) Studies Program: (for personal enrichment)

Full time - July 6-20 (14 nights)

Tuition: $500

Room & Board: $850


If you are staying on-site less than 14 days, the cost is $110 per

day for tuition and room and board.



(3-Year) Teacher Training Program:

(allows for certification upon completion)

Full time - July 6-20 (14 nights)

Tuition: $1,500 (one-time tuition payment)

Room & Board: $ 850


If you are staying on-site less than 14 days, room and board is

calculated at $75 per day.



Participation Per Day / No Overnight Stay:

3/Sessions $50 tuition. Individual meals can be arranged.


Please send 50% of your amount now. The balance is payable before the beginning the retreat.


Make cheques payable to IHYTA and mail to The Meditation Center (address at bottom)



July 6 (check-in after 2pm);

July 20 (check-out at noon).


Single occupancy rooms, in Ytterboe residence hall, each with A/C, bed, chair and sink.

Bed sheets and towels are provided with one optional change.

Bathrooms/showers are shared by gender.

A pay laundry is available as well as a kitchen with a refrigerator and microwave.



Both vegetarian and nonvegetarian meals & snacks.

Meals begin with dinner on the first day of the retreat (July 6th) and end with lunch on the last day of the retreat (July 20th).


For day visitors only:

Breakfast: $5.00, Lunch and Dinner: $10.00 ea.

Weather & What to Bring

Minneapolis summer days in July are often humid, in the 80s and 90s,

with cooler evenings ranging from the 70s-80s.

You might like to consider bringing the following: flashlight, camera, mosquito repellent, alarm clock, pen and paper for journaling, and a personal yoga mat/meditationseat and shawl.


Program offerings

Guided and silent meditations, hatha-yoga, and a variety of yoga philosophy-oriented presentations/lectures with personal time for reflection and contemplative nature walks.


Out-of-State airline arrivals

Please make your flight arrangements so as to arrive in the early afternoon of the first day of the retreat at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Return flight arrangements should be scheduled for the afternoon of the last day of the retreat.



Shuttle Service from the Airport

You will need to arrange for Care Extenders Express Shuttle Service

to take you and/or your friends to St. Olaf from the airport and return

you to the airport after the retreat.


For reservations and more information call Toll-free: (888) 492-7433 or

Email: info@careextenders.com

Website: www.careextenders.com

* If there are problems in arranging your transport to and from St. Olaf College, you may phone for help at the Meditation Center (612) 379-2356 or (612) 379-2386.


Driving Directions

Arrival by personal car from Twin Cities:

Take 35W south for about 40 miles

Take Exit 69 (Northfield exit) and turn left on Hwy 19

Follow Hwy 19 to Northfield city limits

Turn left at the St. Olaf College sign

Follow the campus signboard map to Ytterboe Hall





To register, mail, e-mail, or fax this form along with a deposit of 50% ($100 non-refundable).

The remaining 50% balance is due by June 6th, or you may enclose the full payment with your registration.

You may also register via The Meditation Center by phone (612-379-2386) or by mail.



Name (1) _______________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________

City _______________________ State ________ Zip____________

Phone ____________________________

E-mail ____________________________



Amount Enclosed $ _______________________________

______ Check enclosed payable to The Meditation Center

______ Please bill my credit card: ____Visa ____Mastercard

Account #_____________________________Exp. Date___________


Signature __________________________




The Meditation Center,

631 University Ave. NE,

Minneapolis, MN 55413


Ph: 612-379-2356

FAX: 612-379-2456


e-mail: info@themeditationcenter.org

web: www.themeditationcenter.org

e-mail mismith@ties2.net



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