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Dalí's original "railroad art car' leaves Perpignan

Unique exhibit of paintings by 11 major European representatives of the Dalí-inspired phantastic style


By B. John Zavrel


Europe speaks one language: the language of art. The exhibition poster of the traveling exhibition "Dalí's heirs paint Europe", designed by Ludwig Angerer the Elder.


New York/Perpignan (meap) The legendary 'Dalí railroad car' once loaded with surrealistic art works by Salvador Dalí, will soon leave the railway station of Perpignan, France. The destination? Bavaria, for the first ever visit to Germany.

This time, the 'Dalí railroad car' contains the works of 11 high-ranking European artists who paint in the phantastic style reminding of Dalí. "The theme of the exhibition is 'Dalí's heirs paint Europe'. Europe speaks one language, and it is the language of art", said the architect and painter Ludwig Angerer the Elder. He is the artistic advisor for this event. His painting "Hommage á Dalí" is the signature piece for the exhibition, and is also used on the exhibition posters.

The following participating artists will all meet in the town of Wolnzach in Bavaria (between Munich and Regensburg), when the Dalí-waggon arrives on October 14, 2005: Angerer the Elder (Germany), Claude Bertrand (France), Laurence Caruana (France), Marc Desmullier (France), Andre Janout (Austria), Michael Maschka (Germany), Pierre Peyrolle (France), Peter Proksch (Austria), Viktor Safonkin (Russia), and Reinhard Schmid (Germany).

Dalí himself once designed the 'Railway station of Perpignan' as the "center of the universe", and immortalized this railroad car in a giant painting, which can be seen in the Ludwig Museum in Köln. So now the town square of Wolnzach, where the railroad car will be exhibited for 4 weeks, will also a 'center of the universe'--in any case, at least the fine arts center of Bavaria.

Opening on October 14, 2005. The exhibition continues from October 15 to November 11, 2005. Open Tuesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission free. Location: Deutsches Hopfenmuseum, Elsenheimer Strasse 2, 85283 Wolnzach, Germany.



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