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 Himalayan Sage Swami Hari to lecture in Florida

Lecture at a college in Jacksonville--weekend workshop on yoga science--a series of guided meditations to deepen one's practice

By B. John Zavrel


The Himalayan sage Swami Hari lecturing at the Museum of European Art in Clarence, New York. Behind him is the original bronze portrait-bust of his master, Swami Rama of the Himalayas. This unique bust is the work of the prominent German sculptor Kurt Arentz. The second exemplaire of the bust was set up in the village of Toli, the birthplace of Swami Rama.


Jacksonville/New York (meaus) The Himalayan sage Swami Hari will visit the Jacksonville, Florida area from October 5 to 11, 2005.

While Swami Hari has lectured in various parts of the United States over the past five years, this will be his first visit to Florida. " I would like to make contact with old students of my master, Swami Rama of the Himalayas. Especially with those, who have been inactive in recent years, to let them know about some of the work that is being done in India and other countries", he said in a recent interview.

In Rishikesh, a school for spiritual instruction of the young people (Swami Rama Gurukulam in Rishikesh) has been opened two years ago by Swami Veda, the leading disciple of Swami Rama. Now entering its third year, in has been attracting more and more serious minded students. Among the new students starting this fall is Christopher Zavrel (26) from Clarence, New York. An initiate of Swami Veda, he has known Swami Hari for several years, and this year organized his lectures in the Buffalo, New York area.

Fulfilling a task given to him by the legendary Swami Rama of the Himalayas, Swami Hari was the guiding force and inspiration to establish a Swami Rama Vocational Institute in Melethi, in the Himalayas. The school was inaugurated in April, 2005 in the presence of some 2,000 people, including a former Prime Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

In Jacksonville, Florida, Swami Hari's first lecture will take place on October 5, 2005. Followed by a weekend workshop, where the Himalayan monk will not only lecture, but also give practical demonstration of various helpful techniques. Also, a series of morning guided meditations is planned during his stay in Orlando. "Even long-time meditation practitioners will be able to greatly deepen their meditations under Swamiji's guidance', said Deolal Mahabir, the organizer of the event.

For dates, times and locations of the lectures on October 5-11, 2005, please visit this web page



This is a unique opportunity for young people to become exposed to an authentic style of meditation as taught by the Himalayan masters, as well as for long-time students of the yoga science and philosophy to deepen their practice, and become inspired by a true and accomplished meditation master.



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