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Long ago, (as many times since) evil became too strong in the world.

The demon Ravana became the most powerful, opressing men and gods.

So, the gods went to plead with god Vishnu, the Preserver, to free them from him.

Granting the request, Lord Vishnu incarnated on the Earth as Rama, born as a son of King Dasharatha, a wise king of the Aryan Solar Dynasty.

His consort Lakshmi incarnated at the same time as the beautiful Sita, born as daughter to King Janaka, another wise king-sage of the Aryan Lunar Dynasty.

Eventually, Prince Rama wins her hand in a great contest of princes, and Sita becomes his wife.

And the trap is set by the gods for Ravana: he becomes infatuated with the beautiful Sita, kidnaps he and carries her off to his island kingdom of Lanka.

Finally, after months of searching, Rama finds out where she is held captive.

He brings his army of friends to Lanka, and is making preparations for the great battle with the most powerful demon in the three worlds.


Just before the battle, Rama prays for victory, praying to the Sun.


The fight between between Darkness and Light,

between Evil and Good,

and on the personal level, the fight in our hearts

between the "Path of the Pleasant" and the "Path of the Good" continues.


May you find strength and inspiration

in these noble words and thoughts of Swami Rama:




By H.H. Sri Swami Rama

SUN, a painting by Renate Stendar.


Oh brilliant orb within the sky,
My soul and breath to thee do fly.
Thou art the refuge of my speech,
Attainable, within my reach.
Thou art the slayer of my foes,
The vanquisher of all my woes,
Thy light illumines all my sin,
A fortress do I find within.
All illness and disease do fly,
When upon thee I rely.
All weakness and fatigue are gone,
When I discern the brilliant sun.
You nourish me and give me rest,
Thy beauty and thy grace attest.
In thy presence I do feel
All my wounds and sorrow heal.
Thou art the source from which I come
And return when I succumb.
My fears and worries fly away
When I am brought beneath thy sway.
Eternally thy name is Om,
Where the Vedas find their home.
A thousand rays from thee proceed
To satisfy my every need.
Thou dost my life and breath sustain,
Nourishment from thee I gain.
Thou art the refuge of the wise,
Fearlessly, thy love does guise.
Salutations do I bring
To that from which my life does spring.
Salutations do I give
To that which makes my soul to live.
Salutations do I leave
To that which stops my soul to breathe,
And salutations to that flame,
Where death no longer can one claim.
May auspiciousness attend
The one who knows thee as thy friend.
Eternally, thy light does shine,
Thy nature is to all divine.



An excerpt from the ancient Indo-Aryan epic RAMAYANA, as retold in verse by Swami Rama--a yogi, scientist, philosopher, humanitarian, mystic, poet, and a great sage of the Himalayas. He has played a major role in bringing the insights of yoga psychology to the attention of the physicians and psychologists of the West. He continues to teach students around the world, and is the author of more than two dozen books. 2 volumes, 526 pages. Price $ 30. Available from Himalayan International Institute, RR 1, Box 400, Honesdale, PA 18431 (U.S.A.)






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