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Swami Veda Bharati - Collected Lectures

(Formerly Dr. Usharbudh Arya) 


Swami Veda Bharati (formerly known as Dr. Usharbudh Arya) was trained from childhood in meditation and yoga philosophy and has taught yoga to thousands of people from an early age. He is an expert in raja yoga which is the source of all branches of yoga. A faculty member of the Himalayan Institute, he has written many books and articles on yoga and meditation. In addition to his writing and meditation, Swami Veda has lectured and taught meditation throughout the world.

Now you can have 5,000 years of wisdom, knowledge and inspiration in your own home. Swami Veda's taped lectures allow you to study, meditate and review various facets of yoga science at your own pace and level.

The lectures by Swami Veda Bharati are unique--he lectures only on matters that are not covered available any other place.

In 1982, Dr. Arya took the vows of swamihood, and is now known as Swami Veda Bharati. He lives in Rishikesh, India.


Item #, the description of the lectures, and the number of tapes:

2025 Introduction to Superconscious Meditation (4 tapes) Philosophy of meditation and answers to problems in meditation, for those in a hurry. We, however, prefer the full Superconscious course.

2051 Superconscious Meditation (11 tapes)

2401 Mantra -- Its Use and Meaning (7 tapes) All you've ever wanted to know about mantras and their methodical practice. Guided mantra meditation.

6421 Uncovering the Secrets of Lasting Relationships Discusion of the art and science of creating and strengthening relationships as a lifelong process.

6451 Human Relationship (4 tapes) Emotional and spiritual maturity and how to apply the basic human urges--loving, sharing and self sacrifices--to solving problems that arise among family and friends.

6709 Bhagavad-Gita: Philosophy of Yoga in Action (9 tapes) An analysis of one of the most sacred scriptures, with commentary and suggestions for practical applications in daily life.

7201 Practical Spiritual Attitudes - Vol. I (4 tapes) Everlasting values as reference points for daily situations. Inclues "Meaning of Personal Power" and "An Act of Truth."

7401 Training on the Spiritual Path - Vol. I (7 tapes) Guidelines for the Path to enlightenment and disciplines to practice. Includes "Choosing Your Pleasure" and "Daily Schedule of a Yogi."

7420 Gayatri and the Chakras (4 tapes) An explanation of one of the most sacred mantras from the Vedas, with comments and cautions on its practice.

7501 Meditative Sources of Creativity (6 tapes) What are the sources of creativity and some special meditative techniques through which one can gain access to them.


2221 Eight Rungs of Yoga (6 tapes)

2249 Samadhi (15 tapes)

2541 Philosophy and the Art of Sleeping (9 tapes)

5101 Stories of Great Incarnations (7 tapes)

5405 Women Saints and Masters (4 tapes)


6801 Meditation - Death and Dying (9 tapes)

7301 Cultivating Positive Attitudes (4 tapes)

92-C Mahabharata: Bhisma the Grandfather (1992) (4 tapes)


2201 Understanding Human Personality (15 tapes) Basic structures of human personality according to yoga philosophy: gross body; senses; four aspects of mind; four urges; subtle body; causal body; five sheaths; pranas, kundalini and chakras.

2241 Yoga in Daily Life (15 tapes) In-depth review of yoga life-style; methods for integrating into daily schedule. Guided mantra meditation.

2670 Kundalini and 7 Centers of Consciousness - Part I (10 tapes) Complete explanation of the role of meditation in uncoiling and controlling the Kundalini force.

6401 Emotions as Acts of Volition (9 tapes) Practical methods of refining emotion. East-West idea of mind. What it is and how to achieve Freedom.


1053 SHE Series Stories of Women Saints and Sages (3 tapes)

1102 Meditation Practice Gift Set (6 tapes)

1142 Laya Yoga/Nada Yoga Meditations (4 tapes)

2075 Self (7 tapes)

2101 Superconscious Meditation - Vol. I (12 tapes)


2131 Nature of Personality (11 tapes)

2151 Intensive Yoga Philosophy - Vol. I (20 tapes)

2261 The Universe According to Yoga (15 tapes)

2291 Guru-Disciple Relationship (12 tapes)

2411 Mantra -- Advanced Practice and Philosophy (14 tapes)


2501 Yoga Concept of God (9 tapes)

2511 Role of Concentration in Meditation (5 tapes)

2521 Meditation and Prayer (5 tapes)

2531 Philosophy of Hatha Yoga (6 tapes)

2551 Contemplations (4 tapes)


2560 Bhakti: The Sentiment of Devotion and Self-Surrender (6 tapes)

2646 Introduction to Christian Meditation (3 tapes)

2651 Spirituality in Sexuality (10 tapes)

3101 Introduction to Upanishads and Other Yoga Texts (8 tapes)

3110 Way of Deepening Meditation (6 tapes)


3139 Introduction to Meditation From the Tantras (3 tapes)

3401 Philosophy of Contemplation (5 tapes)


3701 Yoga-Sutras of Pantanjali - Advanced (7) Volumes (110 tapes)


3201 Sankhya Philosophy (8 tapes)

3142 Meditations from the Tantras (9 tapes)

3121 Meditations from the Upanishads (7 tapes)

5401 Yogis as Chameleons (2 tapes)

6101 Therapy as a Transcendental Science (5 tapes)


6201 Training Program for Counselors (13 tapes)

6301 Unblocking Yourself (5 tapes)

6501 Yoga Psychology of Life - Vol. I (12 tapes)

6601 Cycles of Life (2 tapes)

6851 Practical Psychology of Karma and Reincarnation (4 tapes)


7430 You Are the Architect of Your Life (4 tapes)

7450 Growing Up Spiritually (3 tapes)

7460 Saints and Sages (5 tapes)

7480 Dr. Arya's Spiritual Poems (3 tapes)

92-A What is Shri-Vidya; Non-violence; Shakam Bahari (1992) (4 tapes)

93-A Sankhya-karika (1993) (13 tapes)


Ordering information:

1) all these audio sets are IN STOCK and available for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY

2) price is $ 12 per tape PLUS shipping ( $ 8 in USA, $ 18 to abroad, per tape set).

3) No credit card orderes. Mail your check or money order to: Museum of European Art, 10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031 (USA). It is also possible to make bank wire transfers into our account for larger orders.

For more information, please contact John Zavrel at zavrel@meaus.com




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