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Arno Breker - A Life for the Beautiful

By Thomas Blumann


This volume will enchant every friend of classical sculpture. The publication of the French author Dominique Egret is at the same time a valuable enlargement to the books about the great sculptors of the 20th century: Auguste Rodin, Charles Despiau and Aristide Maillol. Arno Breker (1990-1991) was as a personal friend of both Despiau and Maillol the youngest sculptor of this western tradition.

The art historian Egret has selected masterpieces from the treasure of Breker's oeuvre from the years 1924 to 1991. They document, how Breker separated himself from the style of Rodin and Maillol and found his way to his own, perfected form which grounded in the modern sculpture the "New School", the "Nouvelle Ecole".

The representative volume (size 8 1/2 x 12 inches), hard-cover has 352 pages and more than 600 illustrations. Text is in English, French and German. For the first time, a wide insight is given into the "classical period" of Breker between the years 1929 and 1946, the high point of which is the beauty of the man and woman. The German Hollywood star Marlene Dietrich said later, looking back at the years 1938 to 1945: "In Hollywood I have dreamt about those men, whom Arno Breker was sculpting in Berlin".

Fascinating in the book are also the portrait-busts, which Breker created of his contemporaries: Salvador Dali, Ernst Fuchs, Isamu Noguchi, Ezra Pound, Konrad Adenauer, Anwar El Sadat, emperor Haile Selassie from Ethiopia and the African statesman and poet Leopold Sedar Senghor. Breker's publishers Joe F. Bodenstein and Marco Bodenstein have made available to the authors unique photographs, never published previously, as well as a portrait from Arno Breker's young days which was made by the famous star photographer Man Ray in Paris, and also photographs of the new Arno Breker Museum in which the Spanish Crown Prince opened a monumental Dali portrait-bust.



Title: Arno Breker - A Life for the Beautiful, by Dominique Egret

Published by Grabert Verlag, Germany

8.5 x 12 inches, over 600 illustrations

Text in English, French and German

ISBN 3-87847-157-2

Price: $ 90.00


In USA, you can order from: West-Art, 10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031.

Price $ 90 plus $ 8 shipping. E-mail: zavrel@meaus.com )



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