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Kurt Arentz became sculptor of the year 2003

European expert on portraits highly honored


Kurt Arentz with the German President Johannes Rau (right) and Consul B. John Zavrel during their meeting in the official presidential residence in Berlin. The German "White House" includes the historical Palace Schloss Bellevue and the newly built presidential office.

© Foto: Marco-VR, Bonn


Berlin (bpb) The European Art Foundation (Europäische Kultur Stiftung, EKS) has nominated the German artist Kurt Arentz as the "Sculptor of the Year 2003". He is said to be a leading European expert in creating portraits in bronze. EKS President John Gilbert Bodenstein announced that the committee voted unanimously for the sculptor.

Consul B. John Zavrel, EKS Director for International Affairs, recalled the great success Arentz had in the recent years. One of his recent official commissions came from the German president. Arentz did the portrait of the former German President Prof. Dr. Roman Herzog. The bust is displayed in the Gallery of Fame at the President's residence in Berlin. Arentz portrayed several US presidents and international personalities from art, science, religion and politics, such as the Czech president and writer Vaclav Havel.


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