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The US Museum of European Art is pleased to offer in cooperation with the International Art Archives

1) APPRAISALS to art collectors (for personal use or for insurance purposes) of the current values of works of art by many famous artists.

2) DESCRIPTION AND CERTIFICATES for graphic works, paintings and sculptures according to the standards of our archives in USA, Europe and our art experts


Please include with your general enquiry a check for $10, payable to the MUSEUM OF EUROPEAN ART, 10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031 (USA). Then you will get an individual reply to your questions.


For more information contact:

You may enquire about all the European and American artists listed below to get information. 

In our archives are listed--among others-- the following artists.



Arentz, Kurt

Breker, Arno

Brogmahher, Wilhelm

Donst, Mirko

Hohberger, Peter

Kogan, Moissey

Krebs, Detlef

Künster, Jan

Lunau, Siegfried



Stendar-Feuerbaum, Renate

Thorak, Josef

Tiemann, Helga

Wackerle, Josef

Wamper, Adolf

Wendehals, August

Zindel, Gustav


Great Britain

Haig-Thomas, Hugo



Chagall, Marc

Cocteau, Jean

Dalí, Salvador

Fini, Leonor

Fuchs, Ernst

de Sigaldi, Emma


United States of America

Bausova, Dasa (Colorado)

Christiansen, Tana (New York)

Digby, David (New York)

Druzcz, Anna (New York)

Roberts, Pat (California)

Rose, ViviAnn (Utah)

Shalumov, Binyamin (New York)

Shalumova, Stella (New York)

Stucki, Margaret (Idaho)



Tabachnik, Edward