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Spanish painter Montserrat Barenys: Summer in Catalonia



John Zavrel, director of the Museum of European Art in Clarence, interviewed Prof. Montserrat Barenys from Barcelona, Spain. The 72-year old artist was returning to her native Catalonia after spending several months working in the United States.


An exhibition of her new paintings is planned at the Museum in the fall of 2003. In addition to her paintings, her sculptures recalling the fight against General Franco's fascism in 1930's will be shown. 'Among the fighters for democracy were volunteers from England, Canada and United States, including Orson Wells and Ernst Hemingway', remembered the Catalonian artist, whose father was among them. 'Pablo Picasso's "Guernica" made a great impression on me in the old days, and we all admired him.'



The original painting 'Justice and Freedom' by the Catalan painter Prof. Montserrat Barenys. The work was inspired by the 9-11-2001 tragedy in New York City. Currently on exhibition at the Museum of European Art.



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